Student Story: Clark Kegley

Clark Kegley

I’ve always been SUPER into YouTube. I’ve found great teachers through the Internet who are doing amazing things through health and wellness. These dudes inspired me to seek out as much info on nutrition, exercise, and wellness as I could, and they sparked my drive to find an Exercise Science major. I plan to grow my self-started business after I graduate, and getting some credentials and further knowledge under my belt was a huge motivator to enroll at Seattle Pacific.

Coming into SPU, I knew I wanted to go the health and human performance route, but all the science classes required in the major stopped me. After bouncing around not knowing what to do, I realized I should just suck it up and push myself to get through those harder prerequisites.

I did find the prerequisites somewhat discouraging because of the level of difficulty. While all my friends were taking sociology and communication, I was stuck in organic and biological chemistry. But after those were done, the major really opened up, and I finally got those moments where I knew I was in the Exercise Science major. Now that I’m into the meat of the program, I’m super excited for what's to come.

I love the three main professors in this department: JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner, Dale Cannavan, and Jarrett Mentink.

It was super cool to have “Functional Anatomy” with Dr. Cannavan. This is a “hands on” class ― literally!! In this course, we find every muscle’s origin and “insertion” on our classroom partner. Reading about a muscle or seeing it in a textbook is one thing, but finding it on a real human and seeing how it moves and feels is another. Dr. Cannavan was a bit intimidating at first, but I love being around people who are full of passion for what they do, and he has this sort of passion.

Having Dr. Atwell-Scrivner around feels, in some ways, like having your mom around. She’s been such an awesome advisor, and knows the department really well. She’s taken a ton of stress off of me each quarter, being that she can plan a schedule ― and I sure can’t!

Coach Mentink is the man. I call him “coach” because the dude teaches his classes like he's coaching, which is freakin’ awesome! I think Coach has probably impacted me the most because he encourages students in so many ways.

After graduation, I hope to continue to grow my online business. I’m running two iTunes podcasts right now (one is ranked No. 2 in the USA!), and I’ve been thankful for my education as I’ve interviewed health experts. Being able to understand what they’re talking about on a different level is a real benefit I’ve had through this major. I hope to obtain a few certifications through holistic wellness centers ― and, lately, becoming a naturopathic doctor has been calling my name. We’ll see!

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