About the MA-TESOL Program

The MA-TESOL program at Seattle Pacific University seeks to prepare you for service and leadership in teaching English as an additional language by developing your professional competence and character within a framework of Christian faith and values.

3 students with laptop, MA-TESOL, Seattle Pacific University

Program goals

  • Prepare you for service and leadership.
  • Develop professional competence.
  • Balance academic preparation and teacher training.
  • Develop character and ethical sensitivity.
  • Be practical to ensure your success and confidence in the classroom.

Program objectives

To help you develop professional competence through:

  • Background in theoretical knowledge
  • Background in practical skills
  • Skills in using technological and other resources
  • Employment-related skills (finding the right job, forming good relationships with colleagues and supervisors)
  • Initiation into the wider profession

To develop character and ethical sensitivity as you:

  • Practice treating students and colleagues with respect and professionalism
  • Practice responding appropriately to cultural differences and ethical dilemmas
MA-TESOL students

Your choice?

Choose from two options in the MA-TESOL program at Seattle Pacific — the standard MA-TESOL degree or the MA-TESOL K–12 degree. Both focus on developing competence, character, and leadership in educators.