Romina Plozza: Confidence to go out and teach

Romina Plozza

People can learn on their own, but the MA-TESOL program at Seattle Pacific University gave me and my fellow classmates the confidence to go out into the world and teach. Small, focused classes in which many of my classmates were bilingual proved to be an advantage. It felt like family.

It is my belief that learning should be a positive and enriching experience that stems from an environment in which differences are promoted, respected, and valued rather than dismissed or stigmatized.

When learning a foreign language, we are stripped of our identities as we discover how to function in a new culture and adopt new ways of expressing ourselves. Being a non-native speaker myself, I understand what my students are going through and take it to heart. My primary focus as an instructor is to give people their voices back, and guide them through the process of reinventing themselves in a new environment.

Romina Plozza
ESL Instructor, Shoreline Community College

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