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Abigail Daane

Abigail Daane

Assistant Professor of Physics

Email: daanea@spu.edu
Phone: 206-281-7347
Office: Otto Miller Hall 114

Education: BA, Mount Holyoke College, 2004; MS, Clemson University, 2006; PhD, Seattle Pacific University, 2015. At SPU since 2013.

Abigail Daane came to Seattle Pacific after a rather circuitous route through academia. She earned undergraduate degrees in physics and astronomy from Mount Holyoke College, a master of science in physics from Clemson University, and a physics teaching credential at Chapman University.

From there, she was a secondary educator for five years, three of which were spent teaching primarily physics courses to high school seniors. She received a fellowship from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, a powerful source of support and networking for nascent teachers. It was during this time that she learned of a community that connected both research and education — the physics education researchers at Seattle Pacific University, where she completed her doctorate.

Dr. Daane’s teaching and research focuses broadly on diversity and inclusion. Her dissertation focused on learning about energy in the Energy Project’s K–12 Teacher Professional Development program. The findings aim to support teachers in making the topic of energy more relevant to students both in and out of the classroom.

At SPU, Dr. Daane teaches courses in the Department of Physics and in the School of Education. She also serves on the American Association of Physics Teachers’ Committee on Diversity and currently acts as the external evaluator for the APS Bridge program. She has led workshops on issues of equity both in her university classroom and at national conferences. Dr. Daane recently submitted a paper focusing on student discourse about equity in introductory physics courses to the AIP PERC Proceedings.

Selected publications

  • Daane, A. R. & Sawtelle, V. (2016). “Student discourse about equity in an introductory college physics course,” 2016 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings, pp. 88-91, doi:10.1119/perc.2016.pr.017.
  • Scherr, R. E., Harrer, B.W., Daane, A. R., Close, H. G., DeWater, L. S., Robertson, A. D., Seeley, L., and Vokos, S. (2016). “Energy Tracking Diagrams,” The Physics Teacher, 54(96).
  • Daane, A. R., McKagan, S. B., Vokos, S., and Scherr, R. E. (2015). “Energy conservation in dissipative processes: Teacher expectations and strategies associated with imperceptible thermal energy,” Physical Review-Physics Education Research, 11(1): p. 010109.
  • Daane, A. R., Vokos, S., and Scherr, R. E., (2014). “Goals for teacher learning about energy degradation and usefulness,” Physical Review-Physics Education Research, 10(2): p. 020111.
  • Daane, A. R., Wells, L., and Scherr, R. E., (2014). “Energy Theater,” The Physics Teacher 52(5), p. 291–294.
  • Alvarado, C., Daane, A. R., Scherr, R. E., and Zavala, G. (2013). “Responsiveness among Peers Leads to Productive Disciplinary Engagement,” AIP Conf. Proc. 1613: p. 57–60.

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Why I Teach at SPU

Abigail Daane, Assistant Professor of Physics

“For me, growing by learning and doing new things is an immensely satisfying experience. I teach because the truest joy I find professionally is in supporting others to discover that satisfaction and reach beyond their perceived potential. I spend my time in a physics classroom where I see significant opportunity to support learners in discovering the intrigue of the physical world by bridging the gap between textbooks and life experience.”