Faculty Profile

Lezlie DeWater

Lezlie DeWater

Professor of Science Education

Email: dewater@spu.edu
Phone: 206-286-7256
Office: Otto Miller Hall 108

Education: BA, Western Washington University, 1970; MEd, University of Washington 1999. At SPU since 1997

Lezlie DeWater came to the Physics Department at SPU to serve as a resident master teacher (RMT) in the autumn of 1997. The Boeing Company and the PhyTEC program (co-sponsored and funded by the AAPT and the APS) provided financial support for her initial position, in which she assisted in the revamping of teacher preparation courses in physical science and science methods.

Prior to coming to SPU, she was an elementary school teacher, science specialist, and science coach for Seattle Public Schools. In addition, Ms. DeWater served as a visiting lecturer with the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington for seven years, where she worked with potential physics and math high school teachers, and practicing K–12 teachers. She has had extensive experience in developing and providing professional development opportunities for in-service teachers in the greater Seattle area.

Ms. DeWater’s more than 25 years of pre-college teaching experience have afforded her a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to two NSF funded grants awarded to the SPU Physics Department and partner organizations and universities around the country. In addition to the work related to the grant, she continues to teach courses related to physics and physical science for non-science majors and science methods preparation of elementary teachers.

Selected publications

  • E. W. Close, L. Seeley, A. D. Robertson, L. S. DeWater, and H. G. Close, “Seattle Pacific University: Nurturing Physics Teachers at a Small Liberal-Arts School,” accepted for publication in Effective Practices in Preservice Teacher Education, edited by E. Brewe and C. Sandifer (2014).
  • Scherr, R.E., Hunter G. Close, 2 Abigail R. Daane, 1 Lezlie S. DeWater, 1 Benedikt W. Harrer, 3 Lane Seeley, 1 and Stamatis Vokos 1 , “Energy Tracking Diagrams,” Submitted to AJP for review, March 2014.
  • H. G. Close, L. S. DeWater, E. W. Close, R. E. Scherr, and S. B. McKagan, “Using the Algebra Project method to regiment discourse in an energy course for teachers,” C. Singh, M. Sabella, and S. Rebello (Eds.), AIP Conf. Proc. 1289, pp. 9–12 (2010 Physics Education Research Conference).
  • L.R. Herrenkohl, L.S. DeWater, and K. Kawasaki, “Inside AND Outside: Teacher and Researcher Collaboration,” The New Educator, 6(1), 74–91 (2008).
  • L.S. DeWater, “An elementary school teacher reflects on her learning and Teaching through inquiry: Lezlie’s Story,” in Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning National.

Lezlie DeWater

Why I Teach at SPU

Lezlie DeWater, Professor of Science Education

“Teaching is not a solitary act; it is an interaction that provides opportunities for all engaged to both learn and teach. Teaching and learning, then, are inexorably linked. I think both are best accomplished when open, positive, and respectful relationships are established. Creating these relationships is the most rewarding element of the teaching/learning process. Here at SPU, the relationships I build with students and colleagues allows me to lovingly and honestly do the work I believe the Lord has intended. What a gift!”