Urban Studies (BA)

The Urban Studies program lets you explore the city as a living organism by examining urban development, urban planning and growth, urban livability, and diverse urban communities.

The interdisciplinary curriculum for this major examines how a city’s planning, politics, demography, and social inequality impact modern urban environments. You’ll explore historical and contemporary forces that impact cities to understand the dynamic nature of urban centers.

With a degree in Urban Studies, you graduate with the knowledge and skills that equip you to develop new strategies for producing better urban communities.

  • A minimum 63 credits is required for this major, including at least 28 upper-division credits.
  • Acceptance into this major requires at least a 2.5 GPA in the urban studies curriculum at SPU, as well as a minimum 15 completed credits completed urban studies courses at SPU.
  • A maximum 10 credits of URB 4940 “Internship in Sociology” can apply to this major.

View degree requirements for the bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies.

Sociology Student Flavia drinking coffee in front of artwork
Tent City

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