Current Season Auditions

Auditions are your gateway to the performance experience. The experienced director knows that appropriate casting is essential to a successful production. You, the actor, know that being cast in a production will enable you to practice and advance in your art. Thus, you must approach the audition seriously and make your best effort. In any audition, as in any job interview, professional demeanor and trust are essential.

Auditions for Theatre Department productions are open-call auditions, which means that audition appointments are available to students regardless of major, as well as to faculty and staff, alumni, and friends of the university.

All auditions seek to discover combinations of performers capable of creating ensemble and convincingly capturing the characters of the play. Other qualities the director looks for include stage presence, self deportment and confidence, applied imagination, vocal control and flexibility, movement capabilities, the ability to focus on task, sensitivity to rhythms, and physical characteristics. Casting is made, first of all, with the best interests of the show in mind.

Unless otherwise indicated below, auditions are held in the McKinley Studio Theatre.

Autumn Quarter Mainstage

Elephant's Graveyard

Prepare a short (max 1-minute, preferably dramatic) monologue.

Be prepared for a quick, small-group movement exercise.

Sign up for a time slot on the board in the lower level of Crawford Music Building.

Bring a headshot and resume if you have them.

Email Tucker Goodman at with questions.

Audition Dates and Times

  • Tuesday, September 29: Auditions 7–10 p.m.
  • Thursday, October 1: Callbacks 7–9 p.m.

Winter Quarter Mainstage

The Illusion

Prepare a 1-minute monologue.

Sign up for a time slot on the board in the lower level of Crawford Music Building.

Audition Dates and Times

  • Monday, October 5: Auditions 7–9 p.m
  • Tuesday, October 6: Auditions 7–9 p.m.
  • Wednesday, October 7: Callbacks 7–9 p.m.

Student-Directed One-Act Plays

Audition Information TBA

Spring Quarter Mainstage

The Spitfire Grill: A Musical

Prepare a short monologue and section of a song.

Audition Dates and Times

       January 5-6 2016; details TBA

Spring Quarter Studio

Talley's Folly

Prepare a 1-minute monologue.

February 7-8 2016; details TBA.

Box Office

Box Office at a Glance

P: 206-281-2959
O: McKinley Hall

More information, including Box Office hours of operation.

Why Study Theatre?

Why Study Theatre?

Studying theatre, performing theatre, and otherwise engaging in the world and work of theatre will enrich your life and offer you many career and life opportunities.