Guest Artists

Guest Artists
The Theatre Department benefits from Seattle Pacific’s strategic location in the heart of a theatre-rich city. Over the years we have had the opportunity to host many superb, celebrated guest artists, from directors and stage managers to dialect coaches and fight coordinators.

Guest Faculty

Lori Amondson, Stage Management
Bob Borwick, Stage Combat
CT Doescher, Advanced Acting
Kate Godman, Auditioning
Richard Hogle, Lighting
Elizabeth Kent, Stage Management
Karen Lund, Acting, Directing
Dan Madura, Lighting
Patty Mathieu, Lighting
Kenneth McCulough, Lighting
Sarah Mosher, Costume Design
Matt Orme, Stage Combat

Guest Directors

Rebecca Adams
CT Doescher
Melia George
Josh Hornbeck
Tom Key
Karen Lund
Kenneth McCulough
Scott Nolte
Charlotte Tiencken
Ruben Van Kempen
Candace Vance
Sam Vance
Kathy Vitz

Guest Designers

Robert Aguilar, Lighting
Amiya Brown, Lighting
Gregg Essex, Lighting
Jocelyn Fowler, Costume
Richard Hogle, Lighting
Mark Hoffman, Lighting
Walter J. Kilmer, Lighting
John Langrell, Lighting
Dan Madura, Lighting 
Kristiana Matthews, Lighting
Patty Mathieu, Lighting
Kenneth McCulough, Lighting
Sarah Mosher, Costume
Karin Pachco Slaughter, Costume
Jeff Robbins, Lighting
Roberta Russell, Lighting
Michael Simon, Sound
Joe Swartz, Sound
Jay Venske, Lighting
Michael Wellborn, Lighting

Music Directors

Alice Anderson
Lee Cronbach
Eric Hanson
Chérie Hughes
Jacki Koreski
Zach Marsh
Sharon Ryder
Bob Schilperoot


Mikki Anderson
Megan Becker
Bobbie Childers
Emily Blake Coil
Karen Mullins
Debra Noyes 
Beth Orme
Steve Thompkins
Ruben Van Kempen

Guest Dramaturgs

Cyndy Kurtz-Eckels
Anne Kennedy
Sonja Lowe
Jodie Purcell


Stacey Bean Adams, Voice and Dialect Coach
Lori Amondson, Stage Management
Bob Borwick, Fight Coordinator
Michael Crowley, Fight Coordinator
Marianna DeFazio, Dialect Coach
CT Doescher, Dialect Coach
Lisa Fulton, Theatre Forum Moderator
Gin Hammond, Dialect Coach
Kevin Johnson, Pianist
John Keatley, Production Photographer
Kendra Mitchell, Hair and Wig Specialist
Lynn Olson, Hair Stylist
Matt Orme, Fight Choreographer
David Rither, Video Recording
Renee Roub, Stage Management
Luke Rutan, Production Photographer
Scott Warrender, Rehearsal Pianist
Emily Witt, Accompanist

Candace Vance

Read Seattle Pacific Instructor of Theatre Candace Vance’s story in her own words.


What Is a Dramaturg?

A dramaturg (drăm ə- tûrj) researches productions for information useful in the rehearsal process and development of program notes; works directly with the director or designer; presents research and background information at plenary sessions; and attends selected rehearsals and production meetings.