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Winter and Spring Quarters

UCOR 1000: Arts and Christian Community

This course (5 credits) considers the question "who am I and for what have I been created?" Through examining literary and artistic works that have shaped cultures past and present, it explores how we are created to be unique persons and to be in community with others. Key themes are artistic ways of knowing; individualism, and conformity; and faith as a formative virtue.


CRN/SUBJ CRSE Emphasis Instructor
22732 UCOR 1000 English Segall, Kimberly
22734 UCOR 1000 Theatre Ryder, Andrew
22737 UCOR 1000Music Sigars, Julie Kae
24218 UCOR 1000 Art Gutowsky-Zimmerman, Karen
24449 UCOR 1000 English Amorose, Tom
25502 UCOR 1000 Art Feldman, Roger
26054 UCOR 1000 Music Hughes, Cherie
28020 UCOR 1000 Communication Pope, Debbie


CRN/SUBJ CRSE  Emphasis Instructor
2337 UCOR 1000 English Wolfe, Suzanne
42338 UCOR 1000 Communication  Purcell, Bill
42339 UCOR 1000English  VanZanten, Susan
42341 UCOR 1000 Music Brown, Carlene
42342 UCOR 1000 English  Thorpe, Doug
42975 UCOR 1000 Music Sigars, Julie Kae
43421 UCOR 1000 Communication  Pope, Debbie
45057 UCOR 1000 Music Hughes, Cherie
46290 UCOR 1000 Music Newby, Stephen

UFDN 1000: Accents (5 credits)

Overall Course Description

University Foundations 1000: Christian Formation introduces the processes and practices of Christian formation, as reflected throughout the history of the Christian church. Christian life is formed by distinctive beliefs, practices, attitudes, and virtues. Every student, regardless of religious background, will engage texts, written and non-written, ancient and modern, that foster these characteristics of the Christian life.


CRN/SUBJ CRSE Accent Instructor
22739 UFDN 1000 Wisdom  Lim, Bo 
22741 UFDN 1000 Matthew Langford, Mike
22742 UFDN 1000 The Run  Smyth, Ed
22743 UFDN 1000 Faith, Race, IdentityBantum, Brian
23482 UFDN 1000Basics Koskela, Doug
26075 UFDN 1000 JusticeLeong, David
26076 UFDN 1000Culture Keuss, Jeff
26077 UFDN 1000Disciplines for the Adventure Forshey, Susan
28350 UFDN 1000Solitude and FellowshipHorton, Jeff


CRN/SUBJ CRSE AccentInstructor
42345 UFDN 1000 BasicsNienhuis, David
42346 UFDN 1000 Culture Keuss, Jeff
42347 UFDN 1000 The Run Smyth, Ed
42348 UFDN 1000 MatthewLangford, Mike
42350 UFDN 1000 Disciples, Dissenters, and Heretics Steele, Rick
42556 UFDN 1000 Community  Watson, Kevin
44209 UFDN 1000 Creation-New Creation Leese, J.J. Johnson
44650 UFDN 1000 The Sermon on the Mount Drovdahl, Bob
46456UFDN 1000The Sent Church Marshall, Chad
46510UFDN 1000Disciplines for the Adventure Forshey, Susan
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