Another Way of Doing Business


In SPU's School of Business, Government, and Economics, we approach business through the lens of service. This turns the traditional understanding of business on its head.

For us, business exists to serve the common good in an ethical framework. We explore that prospect together in required business ethics courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. You'll see how the faculty integrates ethical issues throughout the curriculum. We also operate a Center for Integrity in Business and publish Ethix, an online journal highlighting examples of exemplary leadership.

Beyond just ethics and values, we encourage businesses (and students who will be leading businesses) to focus on creating and delivering goods, services, and jobs that enable their communities to flourish. We believe business should serve employees by providing opportunities for meaningful work. And for us, profit is the means of attracting the capital that enables businesses to pursue their highest purpose of service.

Taken together, we call this guiding vision “Another Way of Doing Business.”
This kind of service orientation embodies a number of implications:

  • A corporation's success may be measured by more than its financial bottom line.
  • A manager may pursue more than just the best possible alignment with market forces.
  • Business should embrace the place of institutions such as family and government.

The School of Business, Government, and Economics explores these implications, and others, in our programs. We apply them to real-life business models. And over the course of your studies, you'll enjoy opportunities to test-drive this unique approach as an alternative to the traditional shareholder-first model. Your understanding of the role of business in society will then guide your future (and success) as a business leader.

“The School of Business, Government, and Economics at SPU is distinguished by its dedication to mission and vision.”
The Princeton Review
Michele Teng

Learn about student Michelle Teng and her journey pursuing a career in accounting.