Greetings, All!

Joseph Williams

We have just welcomed the next class of students to campus. This is an exciting time for the faculty and staff in the School of Business, Government, and Economics, and we are delighted to have this opportunity to teach and coach this promising generation.

While most of the faculty and students were away from campus for the summer, McKenna Hall underwent modest remodeling. What was formerly the Computer Lab has been updated to be a Collaboration Lab.

The Center for Integrity in Business has been busy preparing for its inaugural "Living and Leading the Integrated Life" retreat for business leaders at Alderbrook Lodge, and for its forthcoming Drucker workshop on Christian faith at the Christian Business Faculty Association's national conference this fall. Also this summer we welcomed the third class for our Masters of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM), as we launched new graduate programs in Faith and Business and in Human Resources management. A rewarding summer for all – and particularly for me, as I got to know many of the wonderful people who make this place so special.

This academic year brings many opportunities and some challenges for the SBGE, and I will share those in future Shareholders newsletters. In this issue we celebrate the exciting work our students, alumni, and faculty are doing to live their values and to help others flourish. At SPU we teach business excellence, but we also show our students how being excellent at business also allows them to let their light shine before others.

Best regards,
Joseph Williams, Dean
School of Business, Government, and Economics