Taking the Initiative, Making It Happen

Angelina Dorosh, Business Administration, with an emphasis in Management, Spring 2013 Graduate

When Angelina Dorosh began her studies at Seattle Pacific University, she probably had a head start on global perspectives. After all, she had immigrated with her family from the Ukraine to the United States in 1996. Now nearing the end of her studies in the School of Business, Government, and Economics, Dorosh is even more globally focused.

Her first goal is to join the corporate world in a global human resources role. “I was attracted to human resources because of it being grounded in interactions with people, whether working in an organization supporting employees or doing external recruiting,” she explains. “I had the opportunity through one of my classes to interview both Seattle Pacific’s Director of HR Gary Womelsduff and an HR generalist at Theo Chocolate. They really helped me to know that HR was a fit for me and I would be good at it.”

Dorosh knows from personal experience how SBGE students have access to an exceptional network of guest speakers and opportunities. For her, it all came together in her Human Resource Management class, where Denise Daniels challenged students to pursue relationships with outside contacts -- especially guest speakers. Though Dorosh describes herself as somewhat cautious, she decided to take the advice to heart.

Michael Erisman, vice president of global HR at Parallels, an international company, had wrapped up his guest presentation when Dorosh stepped out and talked to him about her interest in HR. She saw a potential match between her Ukrainian background and the global presence of Parallels. Sure enough, she is now completing an internship at Parallels, assisting with numerous HR projects such as recruiting, benefits, on-boarding, and performance management.

“In today’s world,” she says, “you have to think globally. My internship supervisor is working me like crazy in all things HR to make sure I have the needed experience and qualifications to be ready for and successful in HR. I have his support, and I’m hopeful this internship will help differentiate me from other job-seekers after graduation.”

As she reflects on her time at SPU, Dorosh can’t say that just one professor, one class, or one thought has impacted her experience more than anything else. “Every single class has had an equally great impact on me in some way,” she says. “Every professor has shared his or her story. Each has taught me something I will never forget. The whole package that is SBGE has made this an unforgettable moment in my life.”