More Is Better … Naturally!

Anton Lukyanov

Anton Lukyanov
MBA Student

Think you could keep up with MBA student Anton Lukyanov? Better get a good night’s rest and lace up your dancing shoes. This former exchange student from Russia is a man in motion.

Lukyanov first came to the United States as a Russian exchange student. He completed his undergraduate degree in Missouri, then came to Seattle and SPU for the MBA program. He says he was intrigued by SBGE’s vision of “another way of doing business,” and especially how “SBGE’s MBA wasn’t geared toward teaching the concepts of driving profits to maximize wealth. Once I was in the MBA, into the core courses, I learned so much about what it means to be engaged in business in a meaningful way. Also, Seattle is one of my favorite places in the States.”

Now focused on international business, Lukyanov is completing his first year of classes while working on campus in the Office of Computer and Information Systems as an accounting associate. He also serves alongside University faculty on the SPU Curriculum Committee.

“I’m very proud to represent the graduate student body,” he says. “A plus for me is that this experience provides me with a deeper insight into the area of higher education administration, which is my background.”

For most of us, completing MBA classes, working, and being involved in University governance would be more than enough. But for Lukyanov, the less spare time, the better! Currently, he is an apprentice with the Seattle-based dance company 127th Street Dance. He volunteers at Thornton Creek School, where he teaches hip-hop in an after-school program.

“I want to provide dance to the children in my community,” he explains, “because growing up in Russia, I didn’t have many chances to experience it.”

Of course it doesn’t stop there. Lukyanov has applied to participate in the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative University. And this summer he plans to volunteer with the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware, the East Coast’s premier music experience, before flying home to Russia to visit family.

Like others, Lukyanov finds it difficult to single out just one best influence in his MBA experience. “I believe it is because of the work of many people in the SBGE community,” he explains. “Truly what has made it so appealing to me are the people. I’ve met some amazing people in my fellow students, the faculty, staff members, and the SBGE alumni. I find the entire experience at SBGE and SPU very rewarding. I enjoy the fact that I can contribute to the campus community, and in turn I find a sense of belonging here.”

Grab those comfortable shoes; Anton is ready to go!