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Ryan LaBrie

Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems

Phone: 206-281-2213
Office: McKenna Hall 221

Education: BS, Seattle Pacific University, 1993; MS, Seattle Pacific University, 1997; PhD, Arizona State University, 2004. At SPU since 2004.

Ryan LaBrie began his relationship with Seattle Pacific University as an undergraduate student in the mid-1980s. Prior to completing his BS in Computer Science, he secured a job with the Microsoft Corporation. During his 10-year tenure at Microsoft, he held four different positions — developer support engineer, technical training specialist, and team manager. His final position was as a program manager in the enterprise knowledge management division.

While at Microsoft, he returned to SPU to earn an MS in Information Systems Management. After completing his master's degree, he returned to SPU as an adjunct faculty member (1997–2002), earning the School of Business and Economics Adjunct Instructor of the Year in 1999. Upon leaving Microsoft, he moved his family to Phoenix, Arizona, to complete his doctorate in Computer Information Systems from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. Dr. LaBrie returned to his alma mater in 2004 as a full-time faculty member, receiving tenure in 2009.

Dr. LaBrie’s primary stream of research lies within the realm of managing (big) data and knowledge. More recently his research interests lie at the intersection of technology, business ethics, and Christian faith. Dr. LaBrie teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Management of Information Systems, Data and Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence, and Electronic Commerce. He also teaches seminars on the intersection of faith and technology and has led several business study abroad trips to Asia.

Selected Publications

  • Gossin, Peter C. and LaBrie, Ryan C. (2013) "Data Center Waste Management." Green Technologies and Business Practices: An IT Approach Vol. 1, pp. 226–235.
  • Cazier, Joseph A. and LaBrie, Ryan C. (2007) "Ethical Dilemmas in Data Mining and Warehousing." Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security, Vol. 1, pp. 221–228.
  • Corral, Karen L., LaBrie, Ryan C., and St. Louis, Robert D. (2006) "Document Search Practices." Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management, Vol. 1, pp. 130–136.
  • LaBrie, Ryan C. and St. Louis, Robert D. (2005). "Dynamic Hierarchies for Business Intelligence Information Retrieval." International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 3–23.
  • Chen, Andrew N.K., LaBrie, Ryan C., and Shao, Benjamin, B.M. (2003), "An XML Adoption Framework for Electronic Business," Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Vol. 4, No. 1, pp. 1–14. 

Please view Dr. LaBrie's CV (PDF) for additional publications.

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Ryan LaBrie

Why I Teach at SPU

Ryan LaBrie, Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems

"I am passionate about the appropriate use of technology and I love educating students about how technology can be used for good in this world. I believe the transfer of knowledge is one of the highest callings and I embrace that wholeheartedly. When I see that proverbial lightbulb go on over a person’s head, then I know I’ve done good work. That is why I teach at Seattle Pacific University."