Faculty Profile

Jennifer Meredith

Jennifer Meredith

Assistant Professor of Economics

Phone: 206-281-2181
Office: McKenna Hall 217

Education: BA, Westmont College, 2007; MA, University of San Francisco, 2009; MA, University of Washington, 2012; PhC, University of Washington, 2016. At SPU since 2014.

 Jennifer Meredith holds an M.A. in International and Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Washington. Her research interests are at the intersection of development and fisheries economics and she has extensive fieldwork experience in contexts that range from Kenya to rural Alaska.
Professor Meredith’s past field research experience includes working for Innovations for Poverty Action in Busia, Kenya on evaluating the efficacy of public health education programs and for a USAID-funded study on the economic impacts of child sponsorship. Just prior to joining SPU in 2014, Professor Meredith worked in Washington, D.C. as a consultant at the World Bank and assisted the Global Program on Fisheries with their worldwide data collection and data analysis efforts. She also taught at the University of Washington as part of her doctoral program, and continues to serve as an economics consultant for NOAA scientists at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center. Her doctoral dissertation focuses on the impact of transferable fishing permits in the Bristol Bay salmon fishery and uses unique household survey data to examine the inter-generational impact of permit sales on migration, assets, and vulnerability in rural Alaskan communities. Other ongoing research projects include the role of infrastructure and property rights in fisheries management, distributional impacts from rights-based fisheries management and, more broadly, the role of economics in combatting environmental degradation and global poverty.

Selected Publications

Meredith, J., Robinson, J., Walker, S., Wydick, B., (2013). Keeping the doctor away: Experimental evidence on investment in preventative health products. Journal of Development Economics 105, 196–210.

Anderson, J.L., Anderson, C.M., Chu, J., Meredith, J., Asche, F., Sylvia, G., et al. (2015) The Fishery Performance Indicators: A Management Tool for Triple Bottom Line Outcomes. PLoS ONE 10(5): e0122809. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0122809

Please see Professor Meredith's CV (PDF) for additional information.