Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM)

Anticipated 2017-18 Program Costs

Tuition and Fees   
Summer Tuition (8 credits) $5,600
Autumn Tuition (15 credits) $10,500
Winter Tuition (12 credits) $8,400
Spring Tuition (10 credits) $7,000
Total Tuition $31,500

Anticipated fees for the costs of books, other required learning materials, and activities not included in tuition is $2,200 and $6,500 for the study-abroad trip (passport and travel vaccination costs are extra). These fees will be assessed in association with specific courses across the program. (Tuition and fee estimates are subject to final approval expected in early 2017.)

Financial Aid

Scholarships will be awarded competitively based on an applicant’s promise for success and financial need (funding gap; based on FAFSA data). Preference will be given to Early Decision applicants. The scholarship awards will be applied to Spring tuition. Available scholarships include:

  • Reconciliation Scholar This scholarship will be awarded to a human trafficking survivor or member of a traditionally underrepresented ethnic group.
  • College Success Foundation Scholar This scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who has earned their degree as a College Success Foundation participant.
  • Service Scholar This scholarship will be awarded to a Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America, City Team, or similar extended post-baccalaureate service corps participant.
  • Social Enterprise/Community Development Scholar This scholarship will be granted to a student with a social enterprise or community development background.
  • Global Scholar This scholarship will be awarded to an international student (attending on an F-1 visa).
  • Yellow-ribbon Scholar This scholarship will be granted to a student who is a U.S. military veteran.
  • SPU Scholar This scholarship will be granted to a student who earned their degree from SPU.

You may pursue financing the costs through student loans and other scholarship/grant awarding organizations.

Part-Time Employment

Because of the intensity of the program, its emphasis on teamwork and the scope of in-class and out-of-class activities, employment during the program should not exceed 8-10 hours/week. Assistance in obtaining an off-campus paid internship is available. (Approval from the Program Director is required and depends on assurance that the employment will not interfere with coursework, teamwork, professional development, and related program events.)

Research Assistantships Part-time student employment as a research assistant will be awarded competitively to those desiring to support faculty research projects and program operations.

Program Contact

Vicki Eveland

Program Director, MAM-SSM
DBA, Mississippi State University

Phone: 206-281-2088
Office: McKenna Hall 211



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MAM-SSM: Integrated, Case-Based Curriculum

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“My name is Mark Newman and I am the parent of Meagan Newman, a 2012 graduate of the initial cohort of the Master's in Social and Sustainable Management at SPU. I would like to thank you and your faculty for putting together such an impressive program. Meagan has thoroughly enjoyed the program, found it challenging as well as rewarding, and received an excellent employment offer today during the Ivy Cutting ceremony! A wonderful combination of experiences to say the least. ”
Dr. Mark Newman