Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in
Faith and Business (MAM-FB)


The MAM-FB degree includes prerequisite business foundations courses, advanced courses, and electives If you enter the program with prior business coursework, you may be able to complete your degree in as few as 45 credits.  (57 credits are required if none of the business foundations courses have been satisfied.)

Program Components

Prerequisite Business Foundations Courses

Business Foundations courses generally precede other courses. These courses, totaling 27 credit hours, cover what is generally referred to as the “basics” relating to business. Students may have satisfied these requirements through prior coursework.


Perspectives: 2 courses / 6 credits
Professional Skills: 2 courses / 6 credits
Specialized Knowledge & Application: 6 courses / 18 credits

Perspectives, Professional Skills, and Specialized Knowledge Courses

The perspectives, professional skills, and specialized knowledge courses total 30 credit hours and may not be satisfied by undergraduate coursework. Transfer credit from other AACSB accredited institutions will be given only for graduate-level courses covering the same body of knowledge.

Students may transfer a maximum of three courses (9 credits) from other AACSB accredited graduate programs. Acceptance of transfer credit is determined by the associate dean for graduate programs. Course offerings will vary each year. Consult the Graduate Director to select an appropriate sequence of courses.


View a summary of the MAM-FB program curriculum.

Program Schedule and Timeline

You may apply to the MA program in any quarter. (View a list of application deadlines per quarter.) Evening and select weekend courses are designed to accommodate working professionals. Courses generally meet one evening per week for 10 to 11 weeks.

Time to complete the degree depends on previous business coursework taken (for undergraduate business majors) and number of classes taken per quarter (including summers). Typically you will take one or two classes per quarter. On average, students complete the MA in about two years.