Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM)

Professional Development, Career Services, and Job Placement

The program is serious about helping you become confident, poised, and polished professionals, develop exceptional career management skills, and obtain meaningful, high-impact, above-entry-level jobs.  You will be prepared to enter the job market through 1-on-1 coaching with our dedicated professional development specialist; workshops on personal brand building and communication strategy, networking, salary negotiations; industry panels; informational interviews; mock job interviews; and, extensive networking with recruiters and organizational leaders.  We will continue to assist you after graduation.

Accelerated Trajectories

Students have quickly been promoted into positions of greater responsibility and impact with higher pay.

A sociology major with no experience joined the Class of 2012 had a first job as a management analyst/project manager in a social purpose manufacturing firm, was promoted and has now moved into a consultant role in a management consulting organization.

Placement: 91% within 3 months of graduation (100% within 1-year)

Salary*: $48,500 average initial salary for jobs taken within 3 months of graduation. (Salary levels vary by industry sector and job pursued.  Signing bonuses, performance bonuses, stock options, tuition benefits, retirement and health benefits, and profit-sharing benefits have been received.)

The program equips you for a number of exciting career paths. Based on the skills developed in the program, and previous job placements, entry-level positions are possible in the following areas in for-profit, non-profit, or social enterprise settings.

Jobs have included:

Project/Program Manager  Staffing Analyst
Business Process Analyst  Staffing Manager
Business/Strategic Analyst Technical Recruiter 
Business Development
Corporate Social Responsibility
Data Analyst Public Relations Account Manager
Client Services Manager  Digital Campaign Manager
Compliance Auditor Marketing Coordinator
Training & Development Coordinator Account Manager

Professional Development Curriculum

Professional development and effectiveness is a theme throughout the program, and you will benefit from a variety of experiences specifically designed to prepare you for the world of work.

  • Visits to local companies
  • Career and leadership assessments
  • Résumé and cover letter writing seminars
  • Networking coaching and practice
  • Networking events
  • Recruiting panels
  • Mock interviews with recruiters and managers
  • Personal marketing and branding strategies
  • Professionalism and etiquette training
  • Salary negotiation coaching

Personalized Individual Career Counseling and Job Search Coaching

As a MAM-SSM student, you’ll receive individual attention and career counseling. The program’s Professional Development Specialist assists in arranging interviews, crafting résumés, drafting emails to employers, preparing for big interviews, coaching on negotiating a higher salary, and cheering you on through graduation and landing that first big job.

Connections to Employers, Recruiters, and Business Leaders

To increase your employment opportunities and to elevate your professionalism, you’ll attend networking events, meet with employers for informal “brown bag” conversations, engage with speakers and panelists in classes, conduct dozens of informational interviews, and participate in our world-class mentoring program. Additionally, student teams are coached by professionals from the community as you develop integrative projects that are presented to panels of business leaders.

The School of Business, Government, and Economics has connections with hundreds of organizations, including:

  • Microsoft
  • REI
  • Accenture
  • Nordstrom
  • Coinstar
  • McKinstry Co.
  • PATH
  • World Vision
  • Gates Foundation
  • Boeing
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Google
  • Pioneer Human Services
  • T-Mobile
  • Consulting Firms

Consulting Practicum Projects

During the program, you’ll participate in applied learning projects which you will showcase on your résumé. The culminating project for the program is a consulting practicum for an organization in which students work as staff analysts onsite for 20-25 hours/week for 9-10 weeks (i.e., a high-level internship). You’ll engage in weekly team meetings with a sponsoring manager, receive ongoing coaching from faculty, and present a consulting report to the organization’s management. This will demonstrate to potential employers your experience in an actual business environment.

Program Contact

Vicki Eveland

Program Director, MAM-SSM
DBA, Mississippi State University

Phone: 206-281-2088
Office: McKenna Hall 211

Daniel Hallak
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Professional Development in MAM-SSM

From the beginning, we’ll work closely with you to help you become a polished professional with exceptional career development skills.

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“One of my biggest fears when entering this program was whether or not I would find a job at the end of it. … One of the reasons I went ahead and joined MAM-SSM was due to the fact that a professional development coach was hired not only to teach us how to find jobs, but also to actually help us find jobs. I learned so much about networking and how to look more efficiently for a job besides just submitting my resume into the black hole that is the current job market.”
Robert Nielsen
“During my undergraduate degree, I didn't know where I was headed. I realized that MAM-SSM offered three things:   1) it was just one year, 2) it had all the tools to turn me into a young professional with clear direction, 3) it gave me more options than I had with my general liberal arts degree. Over the course of 11 months, I learned more about myself that I ever thought possible. The program forced me to grow into the professional I knew I wanted to be, but was having trouble becoming. The opportunities within the program were amazing – our consulting practicum project was the most fun, challenging, and growth-oriented experience I've ever had. Now I know I'm prepared for any challenge I face and I wouldn't have that without this program.”
Katie Gray