SBGE Graduate Career Services

Career Services

Supporting the careers of our graduate business students and alumni is a high priority for the School of Business, Government, and Economics at SPU. We offer career and professional development opportunities including career counseling, job search coaching, résumé development, workshops and seminars, networking events, and mentoring.

Individual Career Counseling, Job Search Coaching, and Résumé Assistance

Where do you plan to work once you graduate? How do you plan to land your next job? If you just started your graduate business program, you might not know what is on the other side of your degree. Our career and job search coaching sessions are designed to help you navigate your transitions. Space is limited, so please contact Daniel Hallak, professional development specialist, at 206-216-1129 or to schedule an appointment.

Assessments and Career Counseling

Through a combination of career assessments and individual career counseling we can help you gain clarity about your calling and future career path.

Job Search Coaching

We provide personalized job search coaching to help you define the value you bring to the marketplace, craft your marketing materials, promote yourself to employers, and sell yourself in an interview.

Résumé Consultations

People will always ask to see your résumé, and we have the expertise to help make yours stand out. Our résumé consultations provide you with the tools you need to design a market-ready résumé that highlights your accomplishments and catches the attention of employers.

Professional and Career Development Workshops

Managing your career is critical for success in today’s turbulent environment. To accelerate your development, we offer a number of career development workshops and professional development seminars. Space is limited, so please sign up by contacting Daniel Hallak, professional development specialist, at 206-216-1129 or

Career Development Workshops

  • Discovering Your Talent and Discerning Your Calling
  • How to Make a Career Change
  • Navigating Career Transitions
  • Job Search 101: How to Market Yourself
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for a Job Search
  • Developing Your Network to Accelerate Your Career
  • Creating a Winning Résumé
  • Acing Your Interview
  • Negotiating Your Salary

Professional Development Seminars

  • How to Hire the Right People
  • Recruiting Talent With LinkedIn
  • Painless Performance Reviews
  • Delivering Tough Feedback at Work
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Managing Stress at Work
  • Developing High Performing Employees

Alumni/Student Networking Events

Connecting alumni and current students together is a win-win for everyone. Twice a year we provide a venue for current students and SBGE alumni to connect and help each other navigate life in the workplace.


A mentor can be a pivotal influence in your career. Our Center for Applied Learning offers a world-class, individually customized mentoring experience that pairs you with a mentor based on your career goals and aspirations. Find out more about the Mentor Program.