Master of Science in Information
Systems Management (MS-ISM)


This list shows pre-ISM, advanced ISM, and elective courses available to students in the program. To view the official curriculum requirements and course descriptions for the MS-ISM degree, visit the online Graduate Catalog.

Pre-ISM Courses (6 credits)

BUS 6130 Financial Accounting (3)
BUS 6164 Operations Management (3)

Advanced ISM Courses (30 credits)

BUS 6201 Christian Values, Ethics, and the Marketplace (3)
BUS 6260 Managerial Communication (3)
BUS 6266 Leadership in Organizations (3)
ISM 6211 Information Systems Management and Strategies (3)
ISM 6212 Data-Based Management and Warehousing (3)
BUS 6271 Enterprise Analysis and Integration (3)
BUS 6202 Business Ethics: Current Issues and Moral Leadership (3)
ISM 6231 Information Systems Project Management (3)
ISM 6245 IT Infrastructure (3)
ISM 6331 Information Systems Security (3)

Elective Courses (15 credits)

Data Management & Analytics Emphasis 

This area of emphasis focuses on managing the mountains of data that organizations use and enabling management to make sense of that data.  As a student, you’ll gain further expertise in the areas of data management, data visualization, data analytics, and business intelligence. 

BUS 6171 Statistics for Business Decisions (3)
ISM 6255 Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (3)
ISM 6356 Data Mining, Analytics and Visualization (3)
ISM 6357
Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools & Programming 
ISM 6358  Decision-making with Business Intelligence & Analytics

Cyber-Security Emphasis

The cyber security emphasis focuses on managing an organization’s cyber-security policies and processes. 

ISM 6332  Information Security Risk Management
ISM 6333  
Cyber Security and Disaster Response
ISM 6334  Cyber Crime Investigation and Digital Forensics 
ISM 6335  Cyber Security, Business and Public Policy 

Systems Integration Emphasis

The Systems Integration emphasis focuses on the strategic, technological, financial, and organizational issues related to the implementation and management of business strategy and operations. These issues are matched with the right technology, applications, and data across the enterprise. 

ISM 6255 Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (3)
ISM 6313 IT as a Strategic Advantage (3)
ISM 6345 Distributed Applications (3)
ISM 6910 Seminar in Information Systems Management (1-6)
ISM 6930 ISM Consulting Practicum (3-6)
ISM 6960 Master's Project (3)

Program Management Emphasis

The Program Management emphasis focuses on ensuring the successful development and implementation of an organization's information systems. As a student, you gain additional expertise in project management, organizational structures and behavior, and strategy and system development standards.

ISM 6335 IT Engineering Management (3)
BUS 6263 Designing Organizations (3)
BUS 6365 The High Technology Enterprise (3)
BUS 6367 Project Management (3)
“It would not have been possible to do what we've done in this business without the ISM program at SPU. Every class has been directly applicable.”
Mark Chamberlain, 2002 MS-ISM Graduate
Director of Marketing and Sales, BFI Technologies Inc.