Mentor Program

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As a future leader in your field, you need more than just academic preparation. In fact, your educational experience isn’t complete unless you find a path from the classroom ... into the marketplace. That’s where SPU’s Center for Applied Learning’s Mentor Program comes in.

Dedicated to You

Many universities offer some form of mentoring program. Some connect students exclusively with alumni, others connect students with professionals of the school's choosing. Some provide a mentor program for groups of two to three students, directed by the mentor. Others offer more limited access.

In contrast, SPU’s School of Business, Government, and Economics offers you a distinctly learner-centered approach. Here’s how it works:

  • You can begin anytime while pursuing your undergraduate or graduate degree. We don’t operate on a strict autumn-to-spring schedule.
  • Meet one-on-one with your mentor, rather than in small groups.
  • You guide the content of your mentorship by creating meeting agendas.
  • Interact with the best. More than 1,600 professionals from a wide variety of industries, roles, and levels of experience have served as mentors in our program.
  • Customize your experience. If you would like to meet someone in a unique industry, someone with a specific role, or a contact at a particular company, we’ll actively recruit a mentor for you that meets your criteria.

Learn more about how SPU’s program works, what you’ll need to succeed, and how to apply. 

A Word to Potential Mentors

Students at Seattle Pacific are always seeking good mentors from all fields. No matter what your level of experience, or what field you represent, you have something to offer. In the process, you’ll probably find that the mentoring relationship offers you encouragement and satisfaction, as well.

Learn more about what it means to be a mentor.

The Mentor Advantage

The Mentor Advantage

2012 SPU graduate Sarah Konopasky has worked on the front lines of the battle against cancer. Through SPU’s Mentor Program, she served in the research labs of one of the world’s foremost experts on prostate cancer.


Beyond Mentoring

In Career 360, you can meet with several people within a single company to gain a variety of perspectives. In a job shadow, you'll spend a half day observing a professional of your choice. Contact the Center for Applied Learning at or 206-281-2942.