Rachel Battershell

Rachel Battershell

I grew up thinking I wanted to be a research chemist like my grandfather. I wanted to make a lasting impact on the world, so I graduated in 2012 from Calvin College with undergraduate degrees in chemistry and French. After actually performing research for two years, however, I found that I wanted to work in a more fast-paced and changing field than chemistry research. I wanted to work on something that would allow me to make a more direct impact on others.

Many of the business programs available to graduate students, though, were for an MBA, and they required either an entirely new undergraduate degree or actual workforce experience. So I was intrigued when I learned about SPU's Master of Arts in Management program. A master's in business management specifically designed for non-business undergraduate majors? With a social and a sustainable focus? And from a Christian university? I thought it was too good to be true!

I was inspired to pursue business by my father, who started his own business when I was in grade school. He didn't have the benefit of a program like the MASSM, so he had to learn everything by trial and error.

I was intrigued by MASSM's unique style of teaching and learning, which calls for hands-on teamwork and gives each student/group an end goal. At the same time, the program leaves students to figure out a personalized roadmap — all in a supportive atmosphere.

The MASSM program is helping to sharpen and strengthen my analytical tools and social skills. It will also help me make a positive, sustainable impact on others through business. As I look toward graduation and finding a job, I'm still not sure what my future work will look like. But I am trusting God that this is what he has called me to do and that in time I will discover whom I will be serving.

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