Continuing Education Certificate in
Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing

What You’ll Learn

The Certificate in Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing concentration approaches Digital Marketing from the standpoint of conversations. Each social platform has its own nuances, vocabulary, and strengths. The concentration of this program is to teach professionals how to leverage each platform for specific use cases to create the biggest impact for their purposes, and measure and improve continuously. Participants will also have opportunities to collaborate with those enrolled in the Search Engine Optimization and Inbound Marketing concentrations.

The course covers:

  • Advanced segmentation practices and deployment of ads
  • Conversion lifecycle development
  • Best practices in tools, techniques, and site/social optimization
  • Client and content strategy

Program Schedule and Timeline

Length of certificate program:  2 quarters (20 weeks)
Start date:  Beginning Fall Quarter, September 2017
Attendance:  1 evening class per week (three weeks of each quarter will combine the cohorts of all three concentration areas)
Instructor:  Taylor Black (Operations Analyst at the Intellectual Ventures Invention Science Fund, Partner at Fizzy Inc. and Insight Consulting)
Location:  Seattle Pacific University Campus (maps)

The Certificate in Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing Concentration is comprised of two courses:

  • Fall Quarter 2017: Social Media Marketing Track I (10 weeks)
  • Winter Quarter 2018: Social Media Marketing Track II (10 weeks)

The course is structured to build competency areas (Client Management, Content Management, Inbound Lifecycle, Tool, Role, Group/Team, and Presentation). Course work will be taught through:

  • Lectures and Guest Lectures
  • Individual & Group Activities
  • Exercises
  • Demonstrations
  • Readings

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Certificate Program Contact

This certificate is offered in partnership with Insight Consulting, a company of professionals with deep experience in business coaching and professional development.

Christo Lute
Christo Lute
Director of Continuing Education, Insight Consulting