Continuing Education Certificate in
Lean Six Sigma Management

Lean six sigma

Set yourself apart in business management with the advanced skills of Lean Six Sigma, an industry-leading methodology combining Lean Enterprise and Six Sigma tools for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and exceeding business targets. The Certificate in Lean Six Sigma will train you in the full range of Lean Six Sigma practices, boosting your abilities to analyze and manage projects and excel in business-critical decisions.

Who Should Pursue This Certificate

If you’re a professional looking for transformational training in Lean Six Sigma, and want to earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, this program is designed for you.


Our Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Management leverages expert (and local) instruction from a Boeing practitioner of Six Sigma and covers industry-standard belt training. Our certificate emphasizes hands-on labs, and our content focuses on manufacturing. Students will earn their Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification through practical application in their job or in a network of local companies in the area.

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Possess deep knowledge of best practices in team, process, and data work using key analytical models of Lean Six Sigma
  • Be able to wield a variety of industry tools to produce quality analysis of process data for continuous improvement
  • Excel at process improvement, waste reduction, and team building

“Another Way of Doing Business”

The Continuing Education Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Management at SPU is built on an ethical foundation that offers a first-class business education through the lens of Christian faith and values. The School of Business, Government, and Economics also operates the Center for Integrity in Business and publishes Ethix journal. 

Program Outline

The program outline includes a description of this Certificate's program components.


What is required for admission to the Continuing Education Certificate in Lean Six Sigma Management program? Find information about admission requirements and procedures.

Certificate Program Contact

This certificate is offered in partnership with Insight Consulting, a company of professionals with deep experience in business coaching and professional development.

Christo Lute
Christo Lute
Director of Continuing Education, Insight Consulting