Continuing Education Certificate in
Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Set your career apart with advanced skills in managing complex supply chain issues. The Certificate in Supply Chain Management will train you in quantitative and analytical methods for measuring and benchmarking supply chain performance, and equip you to exceed business goals and objectives.

Who Should Pursue This Certificate

If you’re a professional looking for a deep understanding of supply chain issues and want to establish yourself as a leader and continuous learner in your organization, this program is designed for you.


Our Certificate in Supply Chain Management leverages expert (and local) knowledge from a premier Supply Chain professional from Boeing with over 40+ years of local, regional, and global results, as well as experience as a supervisor and educator. Through practical group projects, leveraging data analytics, and simulating best practices in supply chain management, students will learn a variety of tools and techniques with the aim for immediate business application.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Translate business goals into operational excellence
  • Make integrated decisions driving capital exposure and subsequent cash flow liability
  • Adapt to changing market conditions by leveraging an organization’s core competencies, exceeding financial goals and objectives

“Another Way of Doing Business”

The Continuing Education Certificate in Supply Chain Management at SPU is built on an ethical foundation that offers a first-class business education through the lens of Christian faith and values. The School of Business, Government, and Economics also operates the Center for Integrity in Business and publishes Ethix journal. 

Program Outline

The program outline includes a description of this Certificate's program components.


What is required for admission to the Continuing Education Certificate in Supply Chain Management program? Find information about admission requirements and procedures.

Certificate Program Contact

This certificate is offered in partnership with Insight Consulting, a company of professionals with deep experience in business coaching and professional development.

Christo Lute
Christo Lute
Director of Continuing Education, Insight Consulting