Internship Program


Internships allow you to explore career interests, gain critical skills specific to professional disciplines, and increase your marketability to employers. As an integral part of your academic experience, internships can provide 1–5 credits per quarter, and may be paid or unpaid. Internships are required for Business Administration and Global Development majors. They are highly recommended for majors in Political Science, Economics, and Accounting.

The internship experience for Business Administration majors at SPU is built around two required courses: BUS 2910 Internship and Career Strategies and BUS 4942 Internship Reflection and Professional Development.  Please review the internship requirement here: Internship Requirement: Business Administration Majors.

Other SBGE majors and minors are also strongly encouraged to apply for internships. The rewards are well worth it. Political Science internships are listed separately, below.

Starting fall 2015 (to begin winter quarter) we have expanded our CCC / SERVE internship scholarships to include students who are interning without compensation at government agencies as well as not-for-profits.  Learn more on the Center for Career and Calling internship page.

Internships for Business Administration Majors

The 1-credit BUS 2910 is best taken before applying to the Business Administration major. Among other things, this course will help you do the following:

  • Write an effective résumé and cover letter.
  • Interview well.
  • Track down the best job or internship opportunities.

BUS 2910 is also a prerequisite for BUS 4942.

Internships in BUS 4942 include considerably more responsibility. These internships may be unpaid or paid. At this level, you’ll experience much more than just making photocopies or filing. You'll take on actual responsibilities with a business or organization, learning what it takes to succeed as an employee and leader.

Details about these two courses are available here, Internship Requirement: Business Administration Majors.

A Word to Employers

Many companies and organizations in the greater Seattle area can’t wait to welcome their SPU interns back every year. Having a student intern from Seattle Pacific is a chance to engage with intelligent, motivated students who not only want to learn about your operation, but also want to help it thrive. And they do.

In fact, many businesses have found that these interns have become a valuable, even essential, part of their operations mix. If you haven't yet experienced what it’s like to employ an SPU intern, you’ll want to learn more about it soon.

Instructions for requesting an internship position and related internship information for employers is available on our Center for Career and Calling internship information page

For More Information

To find out more, contact Christina Longcor at 206-281-2270 or Or schedule an appointment with her through the Center for Career and Calling by calling 206-281-2485.

Internships for Political Science Majors

You can earn academic credit for political science internships by enrolling in POL 4940 Political Internships. Here are just a few of the opportunities available.

Internships: Pacific Northwest

Washington State Legislative Internships. Selected interns work for a quarter in Olympia in the Washington State Legislature. SPU students who have been involved with this fascinating and challenging program give it rave reviews. Learn more or apply today.

Federal Government Jobs. The U.S. government offers summer jobs and internships for college students. Check out the Office of Personnel Management’s job website for more about these opportunities, as well as information about full-time jobs after graduation.

Bryant Christie Inc. This firm offers internships in international trade. Students interested in this internship should send a cover letter, résumé, and a three- to five-page writing sample to Matt Lantz , Bryant Christie Inc., 500 Union Street, Suite 701, Seattle, WA 98101; phone: 206-292-6340; email:

Discovery Institute. A national public policy think tank based in Seattle, with a wide variety of programs in science and culture, defense policy, technology policy, faith and public life, environment, and regional development. A number of paid and unpaid internships available. For more information, contact Doug Bilderback at 206-292-0401, ext. 104 or

Washington Institute Foundation. This Seattle-based public-policy organization focuses on state and local politics from a free-market and limited government perspective. It offers regular internships each quarter.

Internships: Washington, D.C

Heritage Foundation. One of the largest public policy organizations in Washington, D.C., the Heritage Foundation has an extensive internship program during the summer, as well as during the rest of the year.

Presidential Classroom Internship Program. Presidential Classroom interns help lead educational programs in the nation's capital for high school students from around the country.


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Interns in Olympia

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