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Interested in changing the world? Informed by Christian faith and a concern for justice, SPU’s political science program will equip you to become the kind of citizen and leader who influences politics and public policy for good.

Where Are You Going?

The study of political science is especially ideal for careers in law, public administration, government service, international affairs, journalism, teaching, and business. Business, for example, must be sensitive to the political environment in order to thrive. And faithful stewardship in the pursuit of justice calls us to understand the bond between government and so many other fields. We’re committed to helping you explore those interconnections, here and around the globe. 

Here is a brief list of possible career tracks pursued by Political Science majors.

Why Study Political Science?

As a Political Science major, you’ll wrestle with some of the most fundamental questions underlying faith and the political order:

  • What is the relationship between Christian principles and public policy?
  • How can Christians model both the character and truth of Jesus Christ in the public square?
  • How should we all live in local, national, and global community?

As you explore these questions, you’ll receive broad training in political philosophy, government, law, public policy, geopolitics, international relations, and the political behavior of individuals and groups. You’ll also receive peer support and have a chance to participate in the SPU Political Union, a nonpartisan student group.

Three Tracks

When you seek a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at SPU, you may organize your studies along one of three tracks:

  • The General Track provides the most flexibility while giving you a solid political science base.
  • The Public Policy and Law Track is especially appropriate if you’re considering a career in government or plan to attend law school.
  • The International Affairs Track is designed for anyone interested in global politics and policy, or a career in the U.S. State Department.

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Degree Requirements

For more details about classes required and recommended for each track, see the SPU Undergraduate Catalog.

Faith and Politics Do Mix

Our courses encourage you to explore the vital role that faith can play in domestic and international politics, and three courses are specifically designed to help you integrate faith with an understanding of the political world:

  • Christianity and American Politics (POL 2641)
  • Christianity and World Politics (POL 2642)
  • Moral Foundations of Democracy (POL 3410)


  • To qualify for admission to the major, you’ll need a 2.5 minimum GPA in previous courses in the major.
  • You must complete the major requirements in effect at the time you are admitted to the major.

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Political Science Scholarships

Several scholarships and fellowships are also available to Political Science and Global Development majors. These scholarships are administered separately, so you’ll need to apply for each one in which you are interested.

Truman Scholarship Competition. Each year, the Truman Foundation awards 75 to 80 $30,000 scholarships to students planning careers public service (i.e., working for the government or at a public policy organization). The application process is rigorous, including off-site interviews for finalists. Visit their website for complete information and application forms.

James Madison Memorial Fellowships. Fellowships of up to $24,000 for graduate-level study of the U.S. Constitution. Open to secondary school teachers of social studies or history and those planning to become teachers.

Institute for Humane Studies Scholarships. Scholarships of up to $12,000 awarded to outstanding juniors, seniors, and graduate students who have “a clearly demonstrated interest in the classical liberal/libertarian tradition of individual rights and market economies, and are interested in applying the principles of this tradition in their work.”

Faculty Contact

Reed Davis

Professor of Political Science
PhD, University of Virginia

Phone: 206-281-2395
Office: McKenna Hall 215

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