Spreadsheets Competency Requirement

The School of Business, Government, and Economics undergraduate program has a spreadsheet competency requirement.  This is not a course requirement, but is rather a skill requirement. Your proficiency in the use of spreadsheets is attested to by passing the MOS 77-420 exam.  (Students who received a grade of C- or higher in BUS 1700 or CSC 123 prior to summer 2015 have satisfied this requirement.)  This requirement applies to Accounting, Business Administration, and Economics majors in SBGE.  The SBGE spreadsheet competency requirement should be satisfied before you apply to a major in the School of Business, Government, and Economics.  It must be satisfied before courses such as ACCT 2362 Managerial Accounting or MAT 2700 Statistics for Business and Economics may be taken.

How to Satisfy the Spreadsheet Requirement

Evidence that you have passed a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in the area of Microsoft Excel is the only method approved to document your basic spreadsheet competency.  The current exam is for Excel 2013, exam number 77-420.

Students must be proficient with the Windows version of Excel. Microsoft does not offer an Apple/Mac version of this exam.

Students new to Microsoft Excel may want to obtain the Microsoft Official Academic Course for the MOS 77-420 exam.  If you are familiar with Excel, you will benefit from the shorter MOS 2013 Study Guide.

SPU will become an authorized testing center in fall quarter 2015.  Details about taking the MOS 77-420 exam at SPU will be made available here when this option is available.  The MOS 77-420 exam requires an exam voucher.  Certiport has three options when purchasing your voucher.  Currently, the nearest public Certiport Authorized Testing Center is the Sylvan Learning Center in Ballard. 

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