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Spreadsheets Competency Requirement

The School of Business, Government, and Economics undergraduate program has a competency requirement in the use of electronic spreadsheets. This is not a course requirement, but is rather a skill requirement. Your proficiency in the use of spreadsheets can be attested to by one of the methods described below. If the option you chose is one other than passing  BUS 1700 (or the older CSC 1123), a written record of your approved waiver must appear in your online student record.

The SBGE spreadsheet competency requirement should be satisfied before you apply to a major in the School of Business, Government, and Economics. It must be satisfied before courses such as ACCT 2362 Managerial Accounting or MAT 2700 Statistics for Business and Economics may be taken.

Options for Satisfying the Spreadsheet Requirement

Beginning with Summer quarter 2015, only option number 5 below will satisfy the SBGE Spreadsheet Competency Reguirement.

1.  Satisfactory completion of a college-level course, at SPU or elsewhere, a major portion of which is the use of spreadsheets.

At SPU, both BUS 1700 and CSC 1123 satisfy this requirement. If you have taken a spreadsheets intensive course at another college or university, please submit a catalog course description along with an SBGE petition form requesting a waiver for the SBGE spreadsheet competency requirement. A minimum grade of C- (1.70) is considered passing.

2.  Satisfactory completion of a non-college level training course in the use of spreadsheets which requires at least eight hours of instruction and is evidenced by a certificate or other written documentation, copies of which must be provided to SBGE.

3.  Satisfactory completion of the SBGE competency examination on the use of Microsoft Excel. This option is recommended for part-time students and others for whom registration for BUS 1700 would require an additional tuition charge. Sample exams are available here if you wish to pursue this option.

Under very special circumstances where actual college credit is needed, a student may request to take the exam “CBE” (credit-by-exam). Please review the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for instructions on the CBE option. 

4.  You may submit a letter on company letterhead from your employer attesting to your proficiency with Microsoft Excel in the specific areas and topics covered in BUS 1700.

These areas include, but are not limited to, formatting, formulas and functions, sorting, charting, and using the mail merge feature in Microsoft Word to report data located in Excel worksheets.

This letter should be mailed to School of Business, Government, and Economics, Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs, 3307 Third Ave. W., Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98119-1950; or faxed to 206-281-2733, attention: SBGE Associate Director, Undergraduate Programs.

5.  Evidence that you have passed a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification in the area of Microsoft Excel may substitute for the SBGE competency exam described in item (3).  The currently available exam as of 2015 is for Excel 2013 (exam number 77-420.)

For additional help, resources, or questions:

Faculty Contact

Richard Sleight

Manager of Information Systems

Phone: 206-281-2265
Office: McKenna Hall 123A

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