Undergraduate SBGE Scholarships

The School of Business, Government, and Economics at Seattle Pacific University offers these undergraduate scholarships. All are made possible by generous alumni, businesses, and other donors.

Below is a list of scholarships and the 2012-13 scholarship recipients. Once you have been accepted into an SBGE major, you are automatically considered for these scholarships, as well.

Charles Anderson
Jeffrey Jorgenson
Kyle Thomas

Beta Gamma Sigma
Blaine Carver

Ned Bohrer
Sheila Kelley

Jainne Chinn
Sary Tuy

Ben Cheney Foundation
First Year
Joy Bullock
David Downs
Jeffrey Gullikson
Ye Chan Lee
Tim Seemuth

Second Year
Nicole Beck
Tim Carlson
Katie Ewton
Phillip Mach
Brooke Reed

Frances Lydia Denniston
David Downs

Dupar Foundation
Jared Burden
Hayley Hill
Max Pressey
Samantha Sanders

Stephanie Harold

McKenna Christian Leadership
Erin Nesheim
Nicole Schwend
Scott Smith
Naomi Weima

Mendal B. Miller Business and Economics
Nathanael Strong

Vicki Lee Morley Business
Zenia Mendez

Aubrey Wayne "Monty" Morton
Jacob Harvey

Moss Adams
Jeffrey Gullikson
John Witt

Nancy Gianacopulos *
Laurent Martin *

Phil Smart
Laurent Martin *

SBGE Academic Excellence
Blaine Carver

E. Gerald and Katherine Teel
Harrison Karlewicz
Arin Kepler
Stephanie Millan

F. Wesley Walls and Elizabeth Walls
Kensley Fohn

*MBA/ISM Graduate Students

Does Business Matter to God?

Does Business Matter to God?

Yes, says Jeff Van Duzer, SPU provost and former dean of the School of Business, Government, and Economics. Read his award-winning article in SPU's Response magazine.