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Health Fitness Endorsement (P–12)

To apply for the Health Fitness Endorsement, please contact endorse@spu.edu for further information. The Health Fitness Endorsement requires 28–33 total credits, and you must complete the following required courses:

PES 5051 Foundations and Methods (4): SPU Campus (Summer 2017)

PES 5075 Alternative Sports and Games for Regular and Special Populations (3): SPU Campus (Summer 2018)

PES 5067 Teaching Health and Wellness (4): SPU Campus (Summer 2018)

PES 5070 Strategies for Teaching Strength Training (3): SPU Campus (Summer 2017)

PES 5065 Scientific Applications (4): SPU Campus (Summer 2017)

Human Anatomy and Physiology* 5-10

EDCN 5730 Field Experience/PPA** (5): See below for further information

* Health and Fitness educators in Washington state are required to demonstrate knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as outlined in the Endorsement Competencies for Health and Fitness (revised 2007).

Therefore, as a prerequisite to PES 5065 Scientific Applications, you are required to successfully complete a college/university Anatomy and Physiology course (5 quarter-credits) or an Anatomy course plus a Physiology course (5 quarter-credits each if not offered together) within the last 10 years.

**Candidates are encouraged to notify the Endorsement Coordinator 90 days before their intention to complete Field Experience which is offered during Autumn (September-December), Winter (January-March) and Spring (March-June).

In order to be eligible for Field Experience the following MUST be completed:

  • Admitted to the endorsement program (email endorse@spu.edu for more information)
  • All required coursework complete
  • Official WEST-E/NES score submitted to SPU (www.west.nesinc.com)

Then, you must notify the endorsement coordinator to be considered for the next applicable Field Experience cohort. Please keep in mind the following deadlines:**

        AUTUMN FIELD EXPERIENCE: express intent by July 31st
        WINTER FIELD EXPERIENCE: express intent by October 31st
        SPRING FIELD EXPERIENCE: express intent by January 31st

 **However, cohorts often fill quickly so it is at the candidate’s advantage to notify intent as early as possible. Once a cohort is full the candidate will be placed on a wait list and will only be admitted if a space becomes available.

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