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Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop

Assistant Dean of Teacher Education; Director of Professional Education

Phone: 206-281-2593
Office: Peterson Hall 310

Education: BAE, Pacific Lutheran University, 1980; MA, Educational Administration, Pacific Lutheran University, 1988; EdD, Seattle Pacific University, 2012. At SPU since 2002.

Dan Bishop is the Assistant Dean of Teacher and Professional Education, and as such serves as Director of Teacher Education, Assistant Professor of Education, and Director for the Center for Professional Education (CPE) in the School of Education at Seattle Pacific University. He is responsible for preparation of teachers and for supporting professional development needs of educators throughout Washington state, the nation, and the world.

His passion for improving learning has grown from 20 years of P–12 experience as a classroom teacher and principal inspiring a research agenda focused on linking effective teaching to effective learning and the system wide impact of policy and practice on the learning outcomes of P–12 students. The vision for improving learning is to improve the professional practice of educators by growing the competence of individuals preparing to be teachers as well as those already serving in schools. Serving some 8,000 educators a year, the CPE is a leader in the development, implementation, and evaluation of statewide programs focused on improving student learning. Professional collaboration and long-term professional partnerships are characteristic of CPE initiatives and critical to the preparation of highly competent, caring teachers with passion for learning and a heart to serve.

Please view Dr. Bishop's CV (PDF) for a list of publications.

Daniel Bishop

Why I Teach at SPU

Daniel Bishop, Assistant Professor of Education; Director of Teacher Education and Center for Professional Services

"I teach at SPU to awaken in others the desire to learn."