Clinical Training

The MFT program provides a seven-quarter practicum sequence that focuses on the development of the self of the therapist, and provides fundamental clinical training. This includes:

  • Supervised internship at an approved site.
  • On-campus small-group supervision and individual supervision at an internship site. Supervision will include at least 50 hours of live, video, or audio supervision.
  • Clinical portfolio that you will present in your seventh quarter. This is an in-depth application of a theory to clinical practice and the integration of the self of the therapist with your clinical work.


  • Our MFT department will provide you with options and the help you need to select an approved site.
  • Twice a year we invite site supervisors and representatives to campus for an Internship Day. Our goal is for students to be able to make decisions about sites they’d like to pursue for placement. It’s a great way for students and supervisors to connect.

Internship sites

Internship sites are located in the Greater Seattle area. The majority of sites are mental health agencies, where students work with children, adolescents, and families. Additional internship site contexts include university, church, and private-practice settings.

Sites are also available for students living in Bellingham, Tacoma, and the Kitsap Peninsula.

Examples of current internship sites:

  • Alternative Counseling
  • Catholic Community Services (Mt. Vernon)
  • Compass Health (Smokey Point)
  • NAVOS (Seattle, Burien)
  • Olivecrest (Bellevue)
  • Private practice settings
  • Sound Mental Health Child & Family Services (Tukwila, Auburn)
  • Youth and Family Services (Kent, Renton, and Seattle)
  • Youth Eastside Services (Bellevue)

It’s All About Families

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