Laboratory Facilities

The School of Psychology, Family, and Community maintains a number of research and teaching labs on the SPU campus in Marston/Watson Hall and Eaton Hall.

School of Psychology, Family, and Community Laboratories doorway

Additional laboratories are housed in the adjacent Clinical Training and Research Suite (CTRS). This consists of five contiguous rooms, the walls of which contain one-way mirrors permitting observations in either direction, and two-way intercoms. Each room is outfitted with permanently installed cameras and audio recording equipment to permit videotaping of activities in one room controlled from an adjacent room. The rooms in this suite were intentionally designed for therapy training activities and laboratory research in therapeutic processes, group dynamics, and relationship development.

Our “wet” laboratory program focuses on animal behavior and learning; it is housed in Eaton Hall near SPFC’s designated lab/classroom (EH 231).


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All faculty members in the School of Psychology, Family, and Community are active in scholarship, research, and writing.