Connect: Faith in Work

Tyler GorslineHusband and wife Tyler and Kimberlee Gorsline graduated from SPU in 2008. Kim works at a real estate office, and Tyler works at a local church. They love to have fellow graduates over to their tiny condo for dinner and conversation.

One way or another, the conversation tends toward a discussion of lives as young professionals. A common trend in these conversations centers on how difficult it can be to apply the ethical truths learned at SPU to the circumstantial questions that arise in the workplace. Many of the Gorslines’ friends who are School of Theology alumni are currently employed in the business world, and many who studied in the School of Business are serving in ministry. Most, however, lie somewhere in between. Ultimately, these alumni long for the help of Christian community as they address day-to-day challenges.

A movement has started to bring young alumni together to discuss the integration of faith into the workplace. Many students took “Christian Ethics” or “Business Ethics” at SPU, and have a thirst for further perspective on these topics. SPU’s School of Theology and School of Business and Economics hope to encourage their graduates (and others) to join together in groups for the purpose of refocusing through the help of community. They are calling this venture “SBE/SOT Connect.”

Gatherings will consist of once-a-month small-group cadres for young alumni to network, reconnect with the University, and continue to refine how to live like Christ in the workplace. The community time will be guided by a short reading from theology or the business world.

If you are interested in becoming a part of SBE/SOT Connect or would like more information, email Tyler Gorsline at

Posted: Monday, November 28, 2011