Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics: New Book by Castelo

Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics

Associate Professor of Theology Daniel Castelo has published a new book, Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics: The Epicletic Community (CPT Press, July 2012).





From the publisher

Revisioning Pentecostal Ethics revisions Pentecostal ethics by means of a moral-theological proposal. Privileging the early years of the American Pentecostal Movement as a way of garnering "institutional memory," [Castelo] seeks to establish a basis by which to evaluate historical and theological continuity and divergence. Specifically, he argues that early Pentecostals harbored certain impulses and intuitions that were quite important but were diminished or reconfigured in light of a number of pressures that arose over time. The practice-orientations of "abiding" and "waiting," drawn from the conceptual frameworks of the affections and virtues, enable Castelo to offer a sustained critique and reconstruction of holiness/sanctification and eschatological expectancy, both of which are currently in disrepair within the tradition. Throughout the work, a salutary reconfiguration of what it means to inhabit the Pentecostal ethos as a doxological and pneumatic existential is offered.

Posted: Friday, July 27, 2012