Business Administration Major

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To succeed in a business or nonprofit organization, you need a clear understanding of how business works. You also need management, technical, and financial skills. Majoring in Business Administration in the School of Business, Government, and Economics at SPU allows you to develop these skills in a unique Christian environment that emphasizes values and ethics. You'll learn how to use business as a tool to serve.

About the Business Administration Major

The Business Administration major provides you with a broad-based education in the fundamental theories, principles, and practices of modern business. You also learn standards of professional and ethical behavior, along with the technical expertise and leadership attributes necessary to attain entry-level positions in business.

As a Business Administration major, you attend core classes focused on the fundamental theories and practices of modern business. You may also choose to pursue one of the following areas of emphasis:

  • An Economics emphasis will help prepare you for a career in analyzing public policy or forecasting economic conditions. Includes macroeconomics, managerial economics, and an approved economic elective.
  • A Finance emphasis teaches you how to develop budgets for capital projects or work in the financial markets. Includes courses in investment, corporate finance, and the practice of finance.
  • The Information Systems emphasis includes problem solving and programming, computer networks, and information and database systems — critical information in this age of technology.
  • With an International Business emphasis, you participate in a study abroad program with SPU faculty and take specialized courses at a foreign university.
  • The Management emphasis teaches you how to manage structures, systems, and people. It includes courses in human resource management, entrepreneurship, and managing systems.
  • A Marketing emphasis prepares you to step into the world of customer service, advertising, sales, or product management. This emphasis includes market research, marketing management, and an approved marketing elective.
  • The Public Policy & Business emphasis focuses its elective track courses in Political Science and Economics to help prepare graduates to work at the intersection of commerce and government.  
  • The Social Enterprise emphasis is our newest Business Administration concentration. It draws upon the unique strengths of the School of Business, Government, and Economics in areas such as social venture, management, and microfinance.
  • A General emphasis is also available, allowing students the flexibility to choose their own senior electives.


As a Business Administration major, you’ll learn from professors with decades of practical business and industry success, in an environment that emphasizes both competence and integrity within the context of Christian faith and values. You’ll benefit from a unique approach that integrates the practical applications of business principles and the tools to put these principles into practice.

Career Opportunities

Review "What can you do with a degree in Business Administration." (PDF)

Graduates with a Business Administration degree have also gone on to graduate programs around the country.


All Business Administration majors gain industry experience through internships, and will take a pre-internship class to help them find and apply for a qualified internship. SPU students have held internships at leading local businesses and industries such as Starbucks, Boeing, Microsoft, the Seattle Mariners, and Merrill Lynch.

In addition to the required internship for Business Administration majors, students may elect to gain even more real-world experience through additional jobs and internships.  The Center for Career and Calling offers online resources and career counseling to assist.

Students and employers also use SPU's internship and job-posting system, Handshake, which is updated daily.

Read these important requirements and prerequisites about your Business Administration major internship.

Faculty Contact

Kim Sawers

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies; Professor of Accounting
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2221
Office: McKenna Hall 228

Denise Daniels

Why I Teach at SPU

Denise Daniels, Professor of Management

"There is nothing more inspiring than seeing students better understand themselves and the world through the application of course material to their lives. I love hearing from students – sometimes years later – who tell me how concepts from my classes have changed their personal study habits, or their relationships with friends and family, or their careers. We have a particularly rich opportunity here at SPU to examine how God’s purposes for business can change the world."

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