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Master of Arts in Management with an emphasis in
Social and Sustainable Management (MAM-SSM)

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The 1-year Social & Sustainable Management M.A. program will transform you into a confident, poised, and polished professional ready for meaningful, rewarding, above-entry-level jobs, for tackling meaningful problems, and for impact on the flourishing of people and organizations.  It will give you job relevant, applied business knowledge and skills, faith-based perspectives on organizations’ social responsibility and stewardship, a study abroad experience, an internship experience, meaningful relationships with leaders, and professional development and placement activities.

This is the right program, if you want to:

  • have impact on the flourishing of people and organizations through revenue-generating/business activities;
  • find meaningful vocational direction; and,
  • accelerate your professional trajectory. 

Prior business coursework is not required for admission. If you have a liberal arts, science, or engineering background, the program will be your bridge into professional roles in business, social purpose, and not-for-profit organizations.   If you have a business major, it will be your pathway into deeper insights about the purpose and practice of business, its role in serving others, and applying your knowledge in the real-world.

Prior work experience is not required.  If you have no experience, the program will jump-start your career.  If you have experience, but have been stuck doing work that doesn’t match your potential or the impact you want, it will re-boot your career. 

For example:

  • A French major with a year of nanny work joined the Class of 2012 and has become an HR /staffing specialist in a global online retailer.
  • A political science major with no experience joined the Class of 2013 and has become a quickly rising IT consultant.
  • A psychology major with no experience joined the Class of 2014 and has become a business analyst in a specialized manufacturer serving the aerospace industry.

Values & Value

The program is a “total package” rooted in the school’s faith-based vision for business and its emphasis on developing professionals who pursue purposeful business activities with integrity.  It will get you ready for impact and vocation through real-world, applied learning, professional development activities, a study abroad trip, an internship, close-knit community and teamwork, high-touch coaching, and meaningful relationships with organizational leaders.

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE – More like work and less like school…

  • RELEVANT, HANDS-ON LEARNING real-world, high-visibility, high-impact projects and internship
  • FAST-PACED,  INTEGRATED & BLENDED LEARNING 1 year; interdisciplinary; classroom, on-line, and “on-the-job” learning
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & PLACEMENT professional-development coaching; building your personal brand; interviewing skills
  • COMMUNITY & CONNECTIONS close-knit community; meaningful relationships with c-suite and other leaders in business, not-for-profit, and social purpose organizations
  • MENTORING & COACHING high-touch mentoring and coaching from faculty and organizational leaders
  • SEATTLE beautiful, exciting, gateway city; a center of technology, global health, social enterprise and trade 
  • STUDY ABROAD in CHINA & INDIA  engage with organizational leaders in these major emerging economies;  visit several world heritage and other cultural sites

HIGH-VALUE OUTCOMES – Ready to tackle meaningful problems so people and organizations will flourish…

  • KNOWLEDGE  fundamentals of business and sustaining enterprises in a global economy; social purpose organizations
  • PEOPLE SKILLS leadership; teamwork; interpersonal relationships
  • COMMUNICATION SKILLS listening; presenting; writing; negotiating; interviewing
  • ANALYSIS SKILLS business research; quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS tackle meaningful, challenging, complex, real-world problems
  • MANAGEMENT SKILLS teams; project management; managing change
  • PERSPECTIVE ethics, integrity, human-flourishing, stewardship, and sustainability; Christian worldview; global contexts
  • PROFESSIONALISM confidence, poise, and polish; ready for meaningful jobs
  • CONNECTIONS life-long, meaningful relationships with students, faculty, alumni, and with business, social enterprise, and not-for-profit leaders 
  • JOB & CAREER placement; meaningful, rewarding, above entry-level jobs; clarified vocational direction; accelerated trajectory  

Program Contact

Vicki Eveland

Program Director, MAM-SSM

Phone: 206-281-2088
Office: McKenna Hall 211



An innovative 1-year graduate business degree.

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