Nondiscrimination/Title IX

Title 9

“One goal of our vision at Seattle Pacific is to model grace-filled community, and this motivates us to build a community in which every individual is valued and respected. To this end, we strive to recognize our differences and treat each other and all people with respect, kindness, and civility. Within this vision for our community, we are also committed to maintaining a respectful workplace and learning environment free from all types of harassment and intimidation, including sexual harassment.” — President Daniel J. Martin

Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy

It is the policy of Seattle Pacific University not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in its programs or activities, as required by applicable laws and regulations. As a religious educational institution operating under the auspices of the Free Methodist Church of North America, Seattle Pacific University is permitted and reserves the right to prefer employees or prospective employees on the basis of religion.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact either of the following persons:

Vice President for Student Life

Student Union Building, Room 209
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 212
Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206-281-2123

Director of Human Resources

330 W. Nickerson St.
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Avenue West, Suite 302
Seattle, WA 98119

Phone: 206-281-2678

If you believe you may have been discriminated against in violation of this policy, immediately contact one of the individuals designated above, or refer to the University's Discrimination Grievance Procedures.

Printed copies of the grievance procedures may be obtained from the Office of Student Life or the Office of Human Resources.

Title IX: Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Other Sexual Misconduct Policies

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (“Title IX”), 20 U.S.C. §§ 1681 et seq., is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance. Programs and activities include, but are not limited to, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, athletics, course offerings, and employment. Sexual harassment, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX. It is the policy of Seattle Pacific University not to discriminate on the basis of sex in its programs or activities, as required by applicable law.

Title IX and its implementing regulations require that Seattle Pacific University, as a recipient of federal financial assistance, designate at least one employee to coordinate its efforts to comply with and carry out its responsibilities under Title IX, including investigating any complaints of sex discrimination. The name, title, and contact information for Seattle Pacific University’s Title IX Coordinator are listed below.

Title IX Coordinator

Gary Womelsduff
Director of Human Resources

330 W Nickerson
3307 3rd Ave W, Suite 302
Seattle WA 98119

Phone: 206-281-2678
Fax: 206-281-2846

Individuals with questions or concerns about Title IX, and/or those who wish to file a complaint of noncompliance, may contact Seattle Pacific University’s Title IX coordinator. In particular, any person who is aware of an incident of sexual harassment involving a student or employee of Seattle Pacific University, including any acts of sexual violence, should report such incident to the Title IX coordinator. Complaints of sexual harassment or other sex discrimination may also be made to the following individuals (who, together with the Title IX Coordinator, are referred to in other University policies as “sexual misconduct report receivers”):

Nicole Custer
Associate Director of Human Resources
Phone: 206-281-2676

Cheryl Michaels
Associate Director of Safety and Security
Phone: 206-281-2625

Charles Strawn
Dean of Students for Community Life
Phone: 206-281-2845

Gabriel Jacobsen
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 206-281-2067

Lynnea Common
Assistant Director of Residence Life
Phone: 206-281-2478

Susan Okamoto Lane
Dean of Multi-Ethnic and Wellness Programs
Phone: 206-281-2598

Residence Life Coordinators and Area Coordinators

Individuals may also contact the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights with inquiries concerning the application of Title IX. Seattle Pacific University prohibits retaliation against those who raise complaints or participate in the complaint investigation and resolution process.

Sexual misconduct report receivers seek to protect the privacy of victims but cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. If you would like to learn about confidential resources on and off campus, you can ask a sexual misconduct report receiver but do not share specific information about any incident you wish to keep private.  Students may also go to the Student Counseling Center to speak with a counselor confidentially.

Pursuant to federal law and University policy, all University employees other than pastoral counselors, professional counselors, Health Center staff, and student employees are required to report information disclosed to them about sexual misconduct to University administrators. For further guidance, University employees should consult Additional information for mandatory reporters, below.

All students are encouraged to participate in helping the University be free from sexual misconduct. If you are a student and another student tells you that he or she was the victim of sexual misconduct while at the University, you should strongly encourage the victim to speak with one of the sexual misconduct report receivers or consider personally reporting the incident to a sexual misconduct report receiver if the victim is reluctant to do so.

In addition to speaking with a sexual misconduct report receiver, reports of sexual misconduct may also be made using the SPU Online Reporting Form

Additional information for students: Seattle Pacific University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy for students is contained in the undergraduate Student Handbook. The Student Handbook also contains Nondiscrimination Complaint Procedures. Additional policies regarding gender-based violence and other campus security information required by The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act on the Office of Safety and Security website.

Additional information for faculty: Seattle Pacific University’s Policy on Sexual Harassment for faculty is contained in Section 9.6 of the Faculty Handbook. The Faculty Handbook also contains a Policy on Nondiscrimination in Section 9.4.

Additional information for staff: Seattle Pacific University’s Policy on Sexual Harassment for staff is contained in the Staff Handbook. The Staff Handbook also contains a Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy and a set of Discrimination Grievance Procedures.

Additional information for mandatory reporters.  The following documents provide additional guidance regarding responsibilities of University employees and officials to report crimes and sexual misconduct:

Also, regardless of whether a University employee or official has reporting obligations, such persons are encouraged to refer to the University’s Checklist for Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Misconduct to know how to respond if someone shares that he or she has been a victim of sexual misconduct.

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