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If you need an additional account for work or an additional resource such as a webspace at SPU, follow the instructions below. Additional accounts may be used to access to Banner INB, Cognos, creating WebSpace or access to the University's Wiki.

How To:

Request a New Account or Resource

  1. Log into the Banner Info System with your SPU Username and Password.
  2. Select the Personal Menu -> Computer Accounts Menu -> Request Additional Accounts.
  3. Select the resource type you'd like to have from the drop down menu and press Continue.
    • Based on your relationship (e.g. Student, Faculty, Staff, Student Employee) with SPU, you may not be eligible for some additional accounts and resources
  4. Fill out the requested information and submit your request.
Common Problems

Many of these resources require you to complete FERPA training. If you need to complete FERPA training, email to sign up and email again when you've completed training.

Changing your SPU Username will affect your ability to log into these accounts. The change is not instant; contact the CIS HelpDesk if you run into trouble accessing your additional accounts after changing your SPU USername.

Many of these Additional Accounts have a separate password from the one you use to log into the Banner Info System and Webmail. Make sure you're using the correct password when logging in.

Instructions for accessing additional resources such as your webspace, may be found on Personal Web Page Instructions.

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Last Updated: 3/6/2012