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A listserv is a specialized email list created to host discussions concerning a particular subject via email.  Sending email to one address, that of the listserv, automatically sends an email message to everyone on the list. The SPU Exchange Server supports both Distribution Lists as well as the Listserv software described here. In most cases System Distribution Lists are easier to maintain and configure, but there are some valid reason's to use a Listserv rather than a distribution list.

Listserv's can contain on- or off-campus email addresses, while distribution lists can only contain SPU addresses. Listserv's can also provide self-service subscription and unsubscribe requests, which might meet a particular list need.

SPU maintains several listserv's for a variety of courses, groups, and departments affiliated with the university.  CIS will only host lists for official campus groups and departments.

How To:
If you would like to inquire about creating a listserv for your group or departmental use, please contact the CIS Help Desk and they will connect you with our Email administrator.
Common Problems:

Listserv maintenance is conducted by issuing commands to our server via email messages.  This can be a little confusing as you first start to work with listservs.  Upon creation of your list, the email administrator will send you some instructions. 

If you have other questions there is a public folder devoted to the listserv topic.  Look for the folder labeled Listserver Q&A .

See Also:
Acceptable Use Policy (for appropriate use of email communications)

Last Updated: 3/11/2010