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Print Credit

Students are granted print credit at the beginning of each quarter. Adjustments to the print credit are made after the 10th day of the quarter. The print credit is cumulative and any remaining balance will "roll over" quarter to quarter. All print credit expires on June 30th each year.

Credit totals are listed below:

  • Students enrolled in 12 credits or more will receive a print credit of $5.00 per quarter
  • Students enrolled in 11 credits or less will receive $2.50 per quarter

Once the print credit has been used, students must load Debit Dollars through Campus Card Services or purchase $1 or $5 credit coupons from the Library Tech Desk or the CIS HelpDesk.

Note: Document scanning is free and does not require credit.

How To:

Students have two options to submit jobs from personal computers:

All print jobs submitted through these methods require an individual to log into an MFP with either their SeaPac ID card or their SPU Username and Password to release the job.

You will also see this log in screen when you want to use the Copying and Scanning functions at the MFP.

Each MFP has instructions posted by the machine to walk you through printing, copying and scanning. More detailed instructions may be found on our MFP Functions page.

Common Problems:

Web Print works from both on campus and off campus, while the option to download the PaperCut Print Client will only work on campus.

Configuring the Advanced Printer Settings on a document only works on jobs submitted via the PaperCut Print Client.

If you are not actively registered for courses, you are considered a "guest" and need to follow the PaperCut Guest Printing instructions.

Jobs will only stay in the queue for a period of 72 hours. After that time has passed it will be deleted and individuals will need to resubmit their job.

If a public MFP is out of toner or paper, notify the CIS HelpDesk at or 206-281-2982.

Last Updated: 9/27/2013