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This page will walk you through how to access specific SPU Resources such as the My Documents folder, departmental file shares, netstore and personal webspace from on or off campus.

To use the links below do the following:

  • Windows Machine (XP, Vista, 7) - Click the Start Button and select Run. Type the links for SPU Computer On Campus or log into Citrix Remote Access.
  • Apple PC (Mac) - From the finder bar, select Go and click Connect to Server. Type the name of the path listed below for Mac or log into Citrix Remote Access.

How To:

My Documents
When you save files in your My Documents folder they are automatically stored on the server through a process called Datasync. This is how you access your My Documents folder from on campus, off campus or from an Apple PC.

  • SPU Comp On Campus - Icon on desktop named "Last Name, First Name"
  • Citrix Remote Access (Personal Comp Off Campus) -
  • Mac on Campus - smb://spu.local/users/username
  • Mac off Campus -
Departmental Shares
These shares are often where departments or individuals will place files or projects they're working on that need to be shared with others in the department or university. An example would be shares on Matthew.
  • SPU Comp On Campus - \\servername.spu.local\sharename
    (e.g. \\matthew.spu.local\cis)
  • Citrix Remote Access (Personal Comp Off Campus) -
  • Mac on Campus - smb://servername.spu.local/sharename
  • Mac off Campus -

Netstore is 25MB of network storage that is automatically created for all current students and employees. The total size is shared with personal webspace.

If you use a mac and are off campus, use an FTP Client to access your Netstore.

  • On/Off Campus -
  • Mac on Campus - smb://

Is 25MB of personal webspace made availble to students and faculty/staff. Its total size is shared with netstore.

For FTP Client configuation questions, click here.

  • On/Off Campus -
  • Mac on Campus - smb://

Common Problems:

To view FTP sites in Windows Explorer (so you can drag and drop files) use Internet Explorer. After you log in to the site, click Page -> Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer.

On an Apple PC - to make sure your computer remembers your connection, in the Connect to Server window, type the address of the server and then press the + button to the right. It will now be listed under Favorite Servers for future use.

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Last Updated: 6/30/2011