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SPU support staff are responsible for the administration of most SPU owned computing equipment. We specialize in stability, security and sustainability. For this reason many software packages are preloaded and configured including Microsoft Office 2003 or Office 2007 Professional. Other institutionally licensed software may be available, please contact the CIS HelpDesk for more information.

CIS delivers many maintenance practices via system wide technologies. Software updates, including Windows security updates, are managed centrally. Some maintenance work may be preformed remotely in response to customer requests. In order to facilitate nightly regular maintenance we request that desktop computers be left on at night. Laptops should be left on when left on campus.

Most SPU owned computers are now administered through a central purchasing pool. Departments may buy into the program for each unit they wish to operate and CIS will maintain and provide replacements from that point forward. Equipment is replaced every three years. During that three year period computers are fully covered by hardware warranties. CIS Support Analysts are able to facilitate service under these warranties, determine when replacement parts are needed and acquire those replacements as needed.
How To:
Please contact the CIS HelpDesk is you believe you are experiencing a computer malfunction. They will redirect your inquiry to your CIS Technology Support Services Team as needed.
Common Problems:
Computer Becomes Slow or Sluggish
Windows XP will rarely allow one failing application to stop all software functions. Improperly working applications can, however, slow down the system. If a software application becomes unresponsive, use the Task Manager to review running applications. Hit the [Ctrl] [Alt] and [Delete] keys at the same time. Click the Task Manager button and look at the Apllication Tab. Select any applications that are "Not Responding" and select the End Task button. Windows will stop that application.

Monitor will not display image
Most monitors connected to a desktop computer have a light that indicates current functionality. It is usually located on the frame of the monitor itself, near the on/off and adjustment buttons. If the light is yellow, the monitor is in standby mode. If the monitor light is green, it is ready to receive video images from the computer. Double check all connections and make sure the power is on to both the desktop and monitor. Monitors that do not "wake up" when the computer keyboard is typed on (the light stays yellow) may be malfunctioning. Monitors that do wake up (the light turns green) are functioning but not receiving video from the desktop computer. In either case, please contact the CIS HelpDesk after checking all connections and power for assistance.

Can not log in
The SPU username is used to log in to SPU owned computers. Every SPU faculty, staff, and student must have their username added to office computers before they can log in. New employees, employee transfers and student workers sharing a computer should have their supervisor contact the CIS HelpDesk or their Support Analyst for assistance. If you have been able to log in previously or are using a public use computer (student lab, classroom podium etc.) make sure the [Caps Lock] and [Num Lock] keyboard functions are not interfering with your password. If your password is typed incorrectly too many times, your SPU username account will lock for 30 minutes to prevent multiple attempts at guessing your password. This lock can be immediately removed by the CIS HelpDesk.
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