Clubs offer the exciting possibility for anyone to leave their individualized mark on the SPU community in a very personalized way, and to get involved with ASSP and campus culture.

Resources for Clubs

Clubs are the least restrictive and most flexible of all ASSP organizations. Anyone can apply to start a club and receive funding for their club from ASSP. Clubs are an excellent means of gaining leadership experience because they require incredible vision, initiative, and creativity.

Club Executive Director - Alicia M. McNeil


Club Manual Download (PDF)
Club Constitution Download (PDF)
Club Advisor Agreement Download (Word)
Media Contract Download (Word)
Performance Agreement Download (PDF)
Registered Student Organizations Contract Download (PDF)
Application for Club Registration Download (Word)
Club Continuance Application Download (Word)
Program Change Request Download (PDF)
Speaker Agreement Download (Word)


Expense Advance Request Download (PDF)

Local Resources

Party Supplies

Display & Costume: This place has almost everything. Whether you need a hat or a martini glass, when it comes to party supplies they have a lot. 11201 Roosevelt Way (Near Northgate)
Phone: 206-362-4810

Champion: These folks have a little less selection than Display and Costume but they are located a little closer. This a great place to get balloon tanks and misc. supplies in a rush.
124 Denny Way (Across the street from Minnie's Café)
Phone: 206-284-1980


Lackey: Lackey rents both sound and lighting. Location is the biggest plus.
3425 Stone Way N
Phone: 206-632-7773

Carlson: Large-scale events that need additional sound reinforcement i.e. Ivy Cutting. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny.
1963 1st Ave S
Phone: 206-340-8811
Fax: 206-340-8866


Steneide Illumination: Any and all lighting needs. Used for Tradition and Talent Show. Really easy to work with and always willing to negotiate on pricing.
Contact: Mark Steneide
Phone: 888-387-1493

Event Planning

Bravo Seattle: