ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities: Chelsea LaBelle


This position is unique in its huge responsibility to coordinate much of what the student body sees as ASSP: the events we look forward to, the clubs we partake in, the opportunities we have. Our campus boasts some of the most passionate students out there, their passions ranging from humanitarian efforts to diversity issues to music and fun and nature. No school can offer the opportunities every student seeks, but it can be the gateway to allowing students to make their own opportunities. The position of VPCA does both: it oversees STUB (the team that plans events from Tradition to Study Bark to the Talent Show), but also coordinates the people in charge of campus clubs and our every-growing Outdoor Recreation Program. The VPCA’s job is to optimize students’ experience by allowing them to both be a part of campus life and shape it. As VPCA, I would serve as the liaison between my peers and the opportunities ahead of them, maximizing the quality of what we do as a campus and ensuring our campus life is ever-changing to fit the student body.

Whether you’re in love with what SPU has to offer, unsure of your place here, involved in every corner of campus, or perpetually count the days until graduation, I can represent you. I’ve been the homesick freshman looking up flights home and the panic-ridden sophomore wondering why I’m here, and nearing the end of my junior year I look back with gratitude and look ahead with excitement.

When I look back on college, I know I’ll remember the days I’ve spent on the third floor of the library or the times I trudged up the Ashton hill. But moreso I’ll remember the things that made college fun, or gave me opportunities to develop interests I didn’t know I had. That’s my job as VPCA: to ensure the same for you.




Relevant Experiences



Finding students who crave exploration isn’t hard on our campus, nor is finding places to explore in the greater Seattle area. Giving students opportunities to satisfy that craving is an area of enormous potential. Our Outdoor Recreation Program grew 50% this past fall quarter, and its growth calls for further developments to maintain momentum. Guided trips, expanded inventory of equipment to meet demand, and increased efficiency in the administrative process are goals I aim to have met in the coming year.

STUB plans some of SPU’s most monumental events, yet has very little open communication with the student body itself. I want to open communication between students and the people who serve to optimize their college experiences. A significant way of smoothing this divide is by developing and structuring the TAPS program. TAPS are students who help STUB set up and run events, and enabling students to be a part of what happens on campus will foster the best representation possible.

While SPU’s 52 clubs represent a variety of interests and missions, the process of becoming and being a club under ASSP isn’t always streamlined. The system can be made much more efficient and available to students at large, which is my primary concern in terms of ensuring progress in this department. Developing a plan to revamp the club space in the basement of the SUB is also a huge priority in order to give clubs a place to meet, store materials, plan events, and more comfortably and easily carry out their individual missions.