ASSP Elections

ASSP President

Main Contact For: Any items of student concern, Senior Gift Committee, Baccalaureate Committee, Professor of the Year Selection Committee. Member of: Student Budget Committee, ASSP Senate, Finance Board, and Allocations Board

Responsibilities: The President is responsible for day to day management of the ASSP office and direction of officers in regards to the fulfillment of their duties and responsibilities. The President is also responsible for recruitment of new leaders and items of student concern.

Executive Vice President

Responsibilities: As the Executive Vice President a good portion of the job revolves around Student Senate. I chair Senate meetings and ensure that proposals brought to us are discussed and voted on by the students who represent the various groups within SPU’s student body. The main goal of Student Senate is to make sure that student voices and opinions are clearly expressed, heard, and represented. Some of my other responsibilities include overseeing Student Leadership Development Committee and the Elections Task Force.

Main Contact For: Anything having to do with Senate, creating proposals that will go to Senate, student issues and concerns, and information about elections.

Public Relations Manager

Main Contact For: All things publicity, and any items of pressing concern.

Vice President of Campus Ministries

Responsibilities: As VPM, I have the privilege to represent, learn from, and support the eight ASSP Ministries and their coordinators. This includes the two worship (Gather and group), three discipleship (SMC Program, Sharpen, and Relinquish) and three service ministries (Latreia, Urban Involvement, and SPRINT). I represent ministries at Senate on Monday evenings, hold ASSP Ministry Council every week, plan the Winter Ministries Retreat, and partner with the ministry coordinators to plan Easter Week and other collaborative ministry events.

Main Contact For: Any questions you have regarding our ministry programs and events, Tent City 3, or any potential partnership with the ministries. I also would love any ideas or feedback you may have for our ministries!

Vice President of Finance

Responsibilities: As the VP of Finance, my role is to oversee all fiscal operations of ASSP. Whether its advising Finance Board (Senate Financial Board) or helping one of our 50 ASSP organizations figure out how best to allocate funds, I am here to serve as a resource and empower the various interests of the SPU student body. The world of finance can be confusing and my goal is to help you with guidance and advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Main Contact For: ASSP Finances, Expenditures, Budgets, etc.

Vice President of Intercultural Affairs

Responsibilities: I am here to encourage and facilitate collaborative strategic planning and action toward achievement of diversity goals among all ASSP organizations. I will foster leadership development of students from diverse backgrounds. I am here to serve as a resource to students, student groups, faculty, staff, and administrators who are engaged from diverse backgrounds and intercultural activities, programs, and initiatives. I will do my best to bring concerns and recommendations regarding diversity issues to University Administrators.

Main Contact For: Conversations, events, activities, conferences and campus engagement dealing with issues of ethnic diversity, reconciliation, race, and culture!

Vice President of Campus Activities

Responsibilities: My position exists to oversee and empower our Club Executive, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator, STUB (the Student Union Board), as well as our Media Coordinator and Media Technicians. I’ll also spend a portion of the year overseeing the Homecoming Committee in planning and implementing the events of Homecoming Week

Main Contact For: Questions involving campus engagement (STUB events, club involvement, use of ORP equipment, or just campus life in general). Any questions regarding involvement in ANY way can come to me at