ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP President: John Jarman

Why are you campaigning for this position?
I want to be an involved leader for the SPU student body so that I may give back to the positive experience that I have had these past three years. I cherish the atmosphere at SPU. There is a contagious joyfulness among the students and I believe we are to thank the student led organizations that work tirelessly behind the scenes.

I specifically want to be the ASSP President because I am a qualified leader and I feel my strengths would work in stride with this position. At the open house for ASSP, the current President Isaac broke down the role as being a good communicator, a coordinator/initiator, a face for the student body, and an interpersonal being with faculty and peers. I am a communications major who sees value in clear understanding within relationships, whether they are work-based, family, or romantic. If I want to achieve something I can sufficiently present my thoughts and get others on board. In the reversed sense, I can also help actualize other people’s aspirations through good communication.

Hearing the description of the ASSP President position substantiated my ambition to lead and I am confident that I make a good candidate for this role.

What unique skills and talents would you bring to this position?
My mom always told me to be teachable. After seventeen years of brainwashing, I was taught to be teachable. All jokes aside, I found it fitting that this was and still is one of the biggest criterions that resident life coordinators look for in prospective peer advisors. I know that I am not at all perfect. I come up short in many avenues of my life; however, I have found that the best solution is to humble myself and be teachable. If given the privilege of the President position, I may not know how to do all the presidential tasks first time around, just as I did not know how to be a PA, but as a teachable and fast learner, I would quickly adapt.

The ASSP President position has many set duties but some areas seem to be free for interpretation. I am a thoughtful person that excels when given creative freedom. I like working with people, both in the one-on-one and the group setting. I am a good communicator and I feel that I am a likeable person. I am in good standing with this school and I consider myself as a person who lives my life truly in a way that I represent SPU well. I know that this kind of job goes home with you and I would not have to be a different person at school than I am in public or at home.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term.

  1. My first goal: To help build a strong ASSP Team

    I would make it one of my priorities to help create a thriving, comfortable, and dynamic team. I will form strong ties and trust with the core ASSP team by interacting outside of a working relationship. I uphold the virtue of mutual respect and consideration. I believe that a team of servant leaders must have a strong foundation. This foundation will be slowly but surely built when the leaders first serve and in turn are served by one another. I believe that there is nothing more helpful to a leader than a supporting staff that one loves to be a part of. We will learn about each other and utilize one another’s strengths. Team building is a preliminary step necessary for building relationships outside of the office.

  2. My second goal: Be Available

    I want to be easily accessible to the student body. I appreciate Dr.Dr.Dr. Dan Martin’s efforts to connect to undergraduate students. I always see Facebook posts about students sharing a meal with him #nobigdeal. I too want to be a useful resource to students on the individual level.

    I would realistically do this by having my email and phone number publically posted, as well as make a Facebook account available to everyone. It will be my official ASSP Facebook account where I use it to frequently connect with the student body. I would post pictures, videos, and online flyers about current things going around on campus. It would be a convenient place where students could comment on and make their voices heard.

    I would definitely be present wherever student life is. I will attend ministry services on campus, go to the commuter’s lunch after Gather, play at Frisbee Fridays, climb with SPUians at Vertical World, eat at Gwinn, laugh with students at school plays, be moved by music ensembles, and be a frequent attender at campus events.

    I understand that I am only a human and would have to manage my time and number of engagements, but I would be as available as I possibly can.

  3. My third goal: To Maximize, Organize, and Facilitate Student Led Change

    My top five strengths on strengths finder are: Strategic, Maximizer, Futuristic, Ideation, and Activator. God has given me strength in strategically planning ahead but it will always come brutally short to the possibilities that could come from the countless brilliant minds in the student body. Fortunately I have strength in activating and maximizing other people’s ideas. It is my intention to be Abraham Lincoln’s definition of government, which is, “of the people, by the people, [and] for the people”.

    I will be attentive to ideas by students and have a steady gauge on what SPU undergraduates want and need from the ASSP team. I desire for every student to feel close to the heartbeat of campus. May every student consider SPU as his/her home where she/he is a necessary member of the family.