ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice President of Campus Activities: Sam Smith

Why are you campaigning for this position?
I am campaigning for the position of Vice President of Campus Activities as a direct result of my experiences this past school year. My time spent on the STUB team was my first leadership experience within ASSP and I was exposed to all sorts of roles during the year. The current VPCA worked to create a community among the departments (Outdoor Recreation Program, Clubs, STUB, and the Media Coordinator) that they oversee and this gave me a better knowledge of those roles and the VPCA’s function in overseeing them. I enjoy being someone who is in a support position, and while ASSP core if filled with those, my experience and passions align perfectly with the position of VPCA. I like putting on events and doing what I can to help make that happen. I also want to focus on making sure that the campus activities are as representative and as inclusive as possible. Our campus is increasing in diversity and I want to make the events that go on as inclusionary as possible.

What unique skills and talents would you bring to this position?
I have been involved heavily this past year; I am currently a member of the Constitutional Advisory Board, the Student Union Board, and Commuter Council. I have a healthy excitement for working on a team. I know the positions on ASSP core are separate entities but I believe there is so much capacity to work together, and that excites me. I am a better than average juggler, a skill that I could use to entertain the rest of ASSP core or anyone who is visiting the office. I bring a good balance between a desire to know nuanced details and keeping the big picture in mind. Managing the variables of complex situations is something that I enjoy and excel at. I am a good communicator and seek to understand viewpoints other than my own, which will come in handy in dealing with the multiple areas that the VPCA oversees. When approaching situations I work to understand the context of what is going on, I believe context is the most important thing to moving forward and few others place quite as much importance on context as I do. While I can buckle down and do work for long hours, I strive to bring enjoyment to each moment in the office and on the job. For the last several weeks I have had a perpetually clear inbox as I respond to emails quickly and professionally, this organization is reflected across all of my work and allows me to stay on task with ease.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term.
My goals for next year will be listed in no particular order. I want to meet regularly with the ASSP Media Coordinator in addition to the other positions I would meet with. The regular meetings would keep me informed about the media equipment that the ASSP office would have available, what is needed in terms of upkeep, and keep us prepared for any upcoming events that the equipment would be used for. In this past year the media coordinator has improved the equipment that is available and I want to continue that improvement to increase the quality of events put on across all positions of ASSP core.

This feeds into my second goal for next year; I want to continue fostering the cross-departmental understanding of resources between STUB, Clubs, ORP, and the Media Coordinator. The relationships formed between the separate overseen aspects were edifying and added value to my position of STUB programmer. In addition, I think the different areas have a great potential to work together and share supplies. Already in this past year I witnessed a willingness to serve outside of the hired area with those that I worked with and this was not only cool to witness but also a big help during busy times. I think one of the easiest ways to be helpful is to be extremely aware of the supplies and equipment available to each area and, when not in use, make them available for use. Even internally within each area, organizing and creating a thorough inventory of the equipment would cut down on waste and redundancy as well as making preparing for events much easier.

My final goal for this year is to emulate and further the example that was set for me, I want to be conscious of all sectors of campus and make the events that are put on as inclusive as possible. I want to avoid having a segment of the student population feeling underrepresented or misrepresented. My work with commuter council this year, as well as living off-campus, has made me more aware of the challenges that there are for catering to commuter students. I also realize that, historically, students of color have been extremely underrepresented in leadership and this overflows into the events thrown that are supposed to be campus-wide. I would want to work closely with the VPIA (Vive President of Intercultural Affairs), as well as make myself available for comments and concerns, in order to better understand what could be done to represent the campus more equally.