ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice President of Finance: Alicia McNeil

Why are you campaigning for this position?
I have become inspired to serve as Vice President of Finance for a few reasons: my academics, my heart, and my past service. As an Economics major I have learned that stewardship is at the heart of what God has intended for us. In my case I have always been interested in financial stewardship. As an organic entrepreneur I see financial stewardship as an opportunity to find the most efficient way to benefit our students and honor their contribution into ASSP. I believe my academics have bolstered my ability to serve the SPU student body in this capacity. In addition, I have a heart to serve and I see an excellent opportunity to keep the relationship between ASSP and the student bodies healthy while making sure the students know all the great amenities they can receive from their ASSP fee. Lastly, I have served as the Senator of the School of Business and Economics for the 2013-14 school year, including serving on Finance and Allocation boards. On those boards I have been a part of a team that carefully considers the allocation of ASSP funds to best serve SPU student’s needs and wants with equality.

What unique skills and talents would you bring to this position?
I have always been a natural economist and entrepreneur. From adolescence into adulthood I have worked to find unique opportunities for growth in business and stewardship. Studying economics brings a whole set of unique skills, such as: problem solving, being able to unearthing alternatives, and transitioning between detail to big picture ideas. This is directly applicable to the Vice President of Finance, most importantly with being detail oriented while remaining aligned with the big picture. The VPF position is a yearlong service but it also has long term implications and externalities. As someone who has served on Finance Board and Allocation Board I have been fortunate enough to see the big picture goals as well as week to week operations of ASSP. This experience gives me the freedom to promptly dig in to this role. My entrepreneurial spirit has also given me some priceless values that I hold dear to my heart: tenacity, work ethic, and social responsibility. As a part of ASSP Officer Core I would encourage my team and constituents to foster relationships with our neighborhood and greater community that are mutually beneficial. This might include purchasing local products, leaving a venue in better condition than we found it, or acting in a respectful and responsible manner when representing SPU in the community. At 16 and 17 years of age I ran a small business while going to school, that required time and task management, tenacity, and a strong work ethic. If elected I will use the same and even greater work ethic and tenacity to accomplish my goals and the day to day tasks of the VPF position.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term.
If elected, I will strive to be a Vice President of Finance that stewards with intentionality, relationally, and efficiently to bring further continuity to the Associated Student of Seattle Pacific with the following in mind:

  1. Learn from wisdom, lead with wisdom. I will build upon prior wisdom by continuing responsible standards of day to day and annual business. However, that does not mean that everything is perfect within our organization. One thing I have noticed while serving on Finance and Allocation boards is the lack of set precedent and proper documentation for how to go about annual business. This year we have been working on fine tuning guidelines and documenting big decisions for future students who serve on these boards. I would like to continue this effort to make sure ASSP is running efficiently from year to year because we all know learning from wisdom is the greatest point to start from. If elected I will bring continuity in ASSPs financial stewardship from year to year.
  2. Run ASSP with community in mind before the ‘Bottom Line’. As an organization running on over $750,000 we have a social responsibility in our immediate and greater community. My immediate community can expect that my day to day responsibilities will include maintaining healthy and productive relationships with Seattle Pacific organizations and people around campus. This will include clearing up discrepancies immediately or just being available for students to talk and ask questions. I would also like to work toward improving ASSP relationships with other Seattle Pacific University organizations. I will support students who serve the community whenever possible, encourage others to support the community financially, and make sure ASSP holds prudent relationships with the community.
  3. Continued transparency. We already are transparent with finances; however the current students deserve to know what is happening with their $88 ASSP fee today. Our students need to know that their fee goes to pay for their favorite events on campus such as Shapadooah, Humans V. Zombies, or Tradition. I would like to work with the webmaster to set up a page that has a brief financial snapshot of where the ASSP funds are standing and where funds have been allocated. Not only does this provide an honest look at where our funds stand, but it also might encourage students to propose for events without hesitation.