ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice President of Finance: Ben Prinster

VPF Candidate Application Statement

  1. Prior to attending Seattle Pacific University, I never would have guessed the diversity of student interests and beliefs present in the SPU community. This diversity is what initially led me to become involved in different programs at SPU. After three years I continue to enjoy being involved with the variety of educational, extracurricular, and on-campus opportunities that SPU has employed and promoted under a welcoming Christian atmosphere. Yet after serving and being involved with the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific for the past year, I believe that the next and most effective way for me to continue serving the student body is to take on the roles and responsibilities of the Vice President of Finance. Serving in ASSP would allow me to serve not just subsets of the SPU community, but rather the entire SPU community. I am passionate about leadership and the different interests and stories each SPU student is able to tell. Serving in ASSP as the VPF would adequately allow me to help give financial communication and assistance to the variety of student interests—the student interests that make up our SPU community—the community I know as home.

  2. I believe that I am qualified for the ASSP VPF position for several reasons, the first being very contextually important. I am currently a junior studying Business Management. While studying for my business major at SPU, I have learned realistic fiscal applications as well as the language of business. Both of which I believe to be very important in managing financial activities in ASSP.

    In addition, I currently work and have the opportunity to be involved in ASSP as the Office Assistant. This has given me insight into the details and the potential complexity of different processes, specific office responsibilities, and efficient office communication. It is through this insight and knowledge that I believe proves to be advantageous for me to serve in ASSP.

    I believe myself to be organized. In my daily life, it is imperative that I keep organized digitally, physically, and mentally. Dealing with numbers, money, and managing fiscal responsibilities is a task that requires careful organization. I believe that my ability to maintain orderliness and manage my time appropriately and effectively is a necessary skill for the position of VPF.

    Naturally, money is both a touching and touchy subject. Therefore, the VPF position requires strength in communication, with peers in the ASSP office, faculty, and students. Whether through email, phone, or face to face, I believe that I have the ability to communicate efficiently and clearly with all levels of individuals while maintaining professionalism, honesty, integrity and desire to do so in a collaborative yet informative way.

    I am thankful for the opportunities that I have been previously given to learn about leadership and management. Through both my prior work experience and leadership positions, I feel I have learned how to effectively manage people and resources and successfully lead groups to a larger goal.

  3. Explore and Create Efficient Financial Processes: Students, student clubs, and student organizations constantly need fiscal approval and management in order to provide better programs and services in tune with the variety of on-campus student interests. Currently, these processes which students utilize can be delayed and slowed due to pending approval or a high number of requests. While serving in ASSP, I will strive to explore opportunities and search for ways to create more digitally relevant fiscal processes by which students can access and track financial requests as well as more efficient ways to submit and gain approval for financial forms.

    Develop, Facilitate and Encourage Team Communication: Within the financial sphere, poor communication can be detrimental to fiscal processes. During my term, I will look to develop positive and improved communication with students, faculty, and other ASSP members in order to better serve the financial needs of students at Seattle Pacific and create continuous lines of positive, yet factual communication while keeping key members informed of all critical issues.

    Strive to Efficiently Utilize and Save Student Money: As students seeking a higher education, we all have experienced the effects and financial stress of paying for such education. All students pay an ASSP fee every quarter that is directed towards providing both old and new student services and programs. As I serve in ASSP, I will strive to represent the wallets of an average SPU student. I will do this by budgeting and fiscally planning how to use this ASSP fee most efficiently for future student savings, such as seeking out additional discounts in our community. As Vice President of Finance, I will work with Finance Board and Allocation Board to be good stewards of your money. In addition, I will strive to save student money and wisely utilize student financial contributions in collaboration with SPU faculty, administration, and a variety of SPU leadership positions. Paying money is not easy, yet I will focus my efforts to make sure your payments are felt and visible during my term and well into ASSP’s future.

    Work With ASSP Officers to Advance Student Opportunities: The student programs and services ASSP currently provides are great opportunities for students to utilize both academically and recreationally. Many of these student opportunities are now a stitch in the fabric that is SPU student culture. VPF’s role in these opportunities affects all students groups from ministries to multi-ethnic programs, student senate to campus activities, and from student clubs to student medias. Therefore, I am excited for this unique opportunity to work with other ASSP Officers in brainstorming to create new and popular student services and programs for students to utilize. With the additional opportunities in an area you as a student may be passionate about, we as the SPU community can thrive, flourish, and expand!